10 Ways Yoga Helps You And Your Love Life

Alright, we get it… you’re stressed and your love life isn’t doing all that well either. The majority of your thoughts are about that extremely long to-do list that sits in the back of your mind. Some advice put Yoga on that list of yours. Here are 10 ways Yoga helps you and your love life prosper without the fear of another thought controlling you. 

1. Decrease the stress to increase the inner energizer bunny

Finding time to do Yoga may sound like a pipe dream when it comes to all of you overachievers, but we guarantee that there will no longer be that afternoon slump that follows some of us if you slip into a downward dog or two. 

Our bodies internalize stress all day long, every day. Eventually, it builds up causing us to feel tense, and even angry. By spending 10-15 minutes minimum a day doing Yoga, you can feel more refreshed and energized for longer. Don’t worry about not accomplishing all that you want in the day. Your more likely to achieve twice as much with a few yoga poses and who knows maybe even a couple extra minutes with that cutie of yours too.

10 Ways Yoga Helps You And Your Love Life

2. Building you to love them

Many of us forget that sometimes it just needs to be about you and no one else, but when was the last time that was actually true? Spending time doing Yoga can improve your ability to be able to listen to yourself. You create the discipline of learning from who you are and what your body likes and doesn’t like. 

The importance of listening to you and your body is that it builds a relationship within yourself. Being able to build this relationship means, you have the capability to build one with others. There is a certain level of trust that is established when doing Yoga and with that there is love. Loving yourself will reflect on how you love others.

3. Am I here or there… perhaps I’m everywhere?

Do you have conversations with your boyfriend or girlfriend and find yourself constantly waiting for the conversation to end? Many of us forget that the present moment is now, not in the future or past. Yoga can help with easing the mind into believing that the present time is the best. 

Yoga uses breathing techniques and meditation practices to center the mind. The reason for this being so essential to your love life is because the more you are present with yourself the more you become present with loved ones. Communication will also flow with more ease between you and your partner if you take the time to listen and hear what the other person has to say. 

4. Sexy who? Sexy YOU!

The best feeling in the world is when you can stand tall knowing that you look damn well. With persistence, Yoga will definitely give you what you were looking for. Long toned legs, a strong core, and arms to die for. Most importantly, don’t forget about that Yoga glow that will follow you after a Vinyasa flow. 

Looking good isn’t everything, but feeling good about yourself is! When you look and feel your best, of course, you will want to show it off a lot more. The confidence in who you are will exude and who doesn’t want that. Yoga helps you believe in yourself not just when it comes to your daily tasks but also when it comes to the bedroom. 

Being confident with your partner is one of the sexiest things you could possibly do to ignite the flame. If you want to be the best version of yourself and perhaps pleasure your so-called romantic lover of yours, it simply all comes down to confidence. Yoga enhances this inner confidence you have and perhaps gives you a few more Yoga positions to try out when the lights are turned down low. 

5. Achieving goals is how we do it!

Remember that time when you set a goal that you never actually finished… well a lot of us do too! Incorporating Yoga into our lives will keep our minds strong and disciplined. Once you add a physical daily activity into the realm of habits you have established, it enhances the probability of you achieving more in your life. It keeps your mind focused and sharp. 

Secondly, achieving goals is all about you but I do have to say that your crush will without a doubt start noticing you more. People love a well-motivated person! It is beyond sexy and the more you achieve for yourself the more the rest of the world will start to notice bit by bit. 

6. Up and at ’em

Nowadays, getting up in the morning has become more of a chore since all of us are working hard 24/7.  Or how about those random midnight wakeups making you realize that 200 more things need to be finished before the end of the day tomorrow. Going back to sleep is probably the last thing on your mind at this point.

 Yoga releases the stress that sits inside of us. Both in the body and mind. Going to bed becomes a whole lot easier when we use Yoga in your daily life consistently. Waking up will be easier than ever once you establish your Yoga routine a few times a week. Also, giving yourself well-rested quality sleep will help you want to spend more time on your romantic life as well. 

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7. Full of gas!? Not acceptable.

We have all experienced that dreaded feeling of being bloated. Maybe it was mother nature blessing you with uncomfortable bloating or perhaps the Oreo ice cream did it to you this time. Either way, bloating sucks. Especially when you are trying to have a night out with girls or a dinner with someone special. It’s just not cute! 

What if you were able to make those gas bubbles magically disappear in a blink of an eye?! I’m sure your answer would be yes. Yoga is our one reliable source of relief that we know will always work. You become so relaxed when you practice Yoga which in return releases the muscles that are holding your gas bubbles, leaving you with nothing but a happy tummy.

8. Peace of mind is a happy mind

Having Yoga be apart of your every day will keep you at peace mentally. Having peace in the mind means you can enjoy life more. Being stressed increases the loss of remembering the moments in life you want to remember. Yoga can help with this mindset that many of us wish to have. By being less stressed you also eliminate the excess fear, depression, anxiety, and many other clinical conditions that could occur. As for the outcome, way more enjoyable days.

9. Kegel exercises strengthen WHAT?

Kegel exercises are great for women who want to strengthen their pelvic muscles. You may be wondering why you should add this to your life. Well, think of it like this. Do you want to enjoy your sex life? Hopefully yes, because these Kegel exercises will do you wonders. Many Yoga poses help with strengthening the pelvic muscles so that when it comes time to do the dirty deed, amazing orgasms will be the only thing that will keep you wanting to do more Kegel moves daily. 

10. Strong core, strong life

So you have your weekly meltdown about how your life feels completely out of control. It’s going to be okay, I promise. The reason being, Yoga strengthens the core. Still, confused about how that will help your meltdown huh? Yoga makes you feel strong in general. Doing a warrior pose is beyond exhilarating, to say the least, yet some extremely important things are happening no matter what pose comes your way. 

When you are doing anything Yoga, your core is activated. It has to be so that you can execute the moves effectively. Having a strong core in a way means you are establishing a strong soul. A strong being, in other words. Being in control in this area of life leads to being in control of all areas of life. You taking action means you are taking control and taking control means deep inside you have a strong knowledge of who and what your inner core stands for.

Which Yoga tips are you most excited to add to your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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