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10 Ways Yoga Heals You

10 Ways Yoga Heals You

Are you a professional Yogi, and are curious about how yoga changes you? Or, are you new to Yoga and want to understand its powers? 

Well, keep reading to understand the true powers of yoga!

1) Better Decision Making Skills

Yoga is all about intention- setting apart time in your day to do it, moving in a specific manner, and breathing in a specific way. When you are mindful of your yoga practice, you become more mindful and intentional. When you set these intentions, they become ingrained in your unconscious. And, even without having to think about what decisions are correct, your subconscious will lead you to the right path. By doing yoga, you will make decisions that are more constructive than destructive. 


You will become more aware of what is wrong, and what is right, as well as the important path in achieving the right decisions. You will understand the feeling of positive vs. negative impacts. 

2) Self-Awareness

Yoga and meditation will give you the insight to connect with the truth of who you really are, and have the courage to embrace living life as your own person. Your asana practice with keep you connected to your body and help keep your mind clear and free of judgment- towards yourself, and others. You will understand your body as well as your mind, understand the way your body moves naturally and let it express itself.


3) Body-Awareness

Through yoga, you will find the inner strength to turn your life around, if that’s what state you are in. If you do not feel comfortable in your body- yoga will help you lose weight, become more flexible, and wow yourself every time you practice. Yoga teaches you how to parent yourself, to take care of yourself, and to discipline your body and your mind, at your own benefit.


4) Fearless

You become fearless- and trust me, this one is the most relatable! As you move the basic asanas to more complicated arm balances, you lose the fear of falling, and that transfers to other areas of life.

I used to be terrified of heights, as I continued practicing yoga, I became more curious and more fearless- I went sky-diving without a fear in my heart.

Yoga for fear is important!


5) Listening to Your Body

You learn to listen to your body and understand when it needs to up-level, when it needs more, or when it simply needs to relax. You will begin to notice every sensation and to honor the journey your body is taking you on- even outside the practice of yoga. 

You will know when you need to take a break, and when you need to push further. You will know your limits, and whether you should push, or relax. 


6) Kick you Out of Your Comfort Zone

Yoga completely kicks you out of your comfort zone- as a newbie on the mat, just as much as a long-practicing yogi. Even the most basic asanas can be a challenge. There’s nothing like teetering in Tree Pose or twisting in Revolved Half Moon with a bunch of people watching and prating with you. You will become to love the people you practice with. and begin to appreciate the social aspects of Yoga just as much as the individual part of yoga. 

The more you practice, the more you will feel comfortable with the poses and how they should feel, and when your body is tense vs. when it’s at ease. 


7) You Stop Making Comparisons

A lot of the time, we compare ourselves to others and wish we were as advanced as they were when it comes to poses, life-goals, or anything. Yoga allows those negative and toxic thoughts to evaporate with each ad every breath! With yoga, you stop making comparisons because you realize how unique you are, and that everyone is different.

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Yoga for mindset and for toxicity is super helpful when it comes to long-time achievements and constant negative thoughts.


8) Chronic Pain

Chronic hip pain? Lower-back pain? Like many with pain, people seek something to ease the pain- and yoga is the answer. Yoga is an easing practice that allows the body to relax into the poses, instead of pushing to sweat, burn calories, or to lift heavy weights. When practicing yoga, you do poses that are extremely helpful for pain, especially chronic pain. Yoga is also a discipline, that will allow chronic pain to be a distant memory with consistent practice.

 9) Meditation 

With yoga, you learn how to meditate and focus on the present moment. You will be able to meditate and keep a blank head without getting up 20 times to do small tasks such as emptying the washing machine or getting distracted by your phone. Meditation enables us to move from high-frequency brain waves to lower ones which activate different brain centers of the brain. This practice allows mindfulness- relaxation, and the management of chronic stress and even reduce the reliance on pain medication.


10) Cognitive Functions

Yoga makes you smarter-by significantly improving brain function immediately. There is research proving that it helps cognitive ability and cognizant realizations, but it also helps with cognitive impairment such as cancer schizophrenia, sleep disorders, or depression. Regular practice per week led to significant improvements in concentration and memory. The brain activity before and after yoga intervention improves neural activity and the part of the brain responsible for reasoning, planning, and problem-solving.


Has yoga changed your life? I think so since almost everyone who practices yoga has been touched ins some way by its powers. Maybe you simply feel better in your body, ore aware of your feelings, better in your relationships and have become a world viewer.  These changes take place over time, as part of the organic process, and can sometimes be hard to realize what exactly about yoga helps you live a better life.

To truly understand why yoga is so transformative, you must understand the concept of transportation. We are transforming into the very thing that we are innately: our best self. 

Please share this article with your fellow yogi’s, or recommend yoga to anyone who needs it! Comments are welcomed as well!