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10 Ways Writing Everyday Helps You Smile More

10 Ways Writing Everyday Helps You Smile More

Have you ever got out a piece of paper and just started writing? I don’t think that many of us can agree with that statement nowadays! Writing does something to the soul. It nourishes it and enhances it in a way you can only imagine. Here are 10 ways that writing every day helps you smile more. 

1. Your personal therapist

Writing is a tool that has been used to express the way we think and feel about certain situations. It connects what our mind is thinking about and translates it onto paper. It’s extremely powerful and empowering to write exactly how you feel. As humans we tend to hide everything inside, letting only a glimpse of our reality out. What good does that do!

Find yourself a journal and start writing. Let out your fears, pain, happiness, love anything that you feel inside. The reason this is brilliant is that you are able to articulate exactly why you feel the way you feel. You don’t have to hurt anyone in return, and you can see the bigger picture just by writing out your emotions instead of saying something to someone in the wrong way. 


2. Find you 

Making time for writing helps you find out who you really are. It’s as if writing is a secret pathway that leads you to you. By writing every day, you begin to understand yourself in a new light. In a way that you may not have been able to see yourself before. You will come to see realizations of who you are and what you want. 

In return, this will make you happier. That is all people want, is to find out their true meaning and purpose of life. When you find that, can you imagine the feeling you would feel! You would feel excited, happy, motivated, passionate, and driven about anything and everything you do. It would give you a whole new meaning to life.


3. Routine

Building yourself into the person you want to become is a lot of work, but with writing things can change a little bit day by day. If you spend 5-10 minutes everyday writing, you will realize very quickly that other areas of your life will start to improve. What writing does for you, when you spend every day doing so, is that it creates discipline and routine. You are making the time for yourself. In the long run, it gives you more confidence in who you are because you know you have spent the time working on you. Those hours spent will always be hours returned. 

4. Creativity Booster

As we get older, we lose that creative side we all long to have. We have more responsibilities such as raising a family, paying bills, and taking care of those around us. Although those may be things that we must do, it’s important to find the time to take care of who we are and to not lose sight of the inner child that sits within us.


By writing, you can express that fun side. You can learn who that person is and where they went. Why let go of the inner child, when that was the side that made us the happiest in the first place. Think back to when you were a child. Do you remember laying in the grass looking up at the blue sky thinking about how big the world is? Or how about riding your bike that your dad bought you for your 8th birthday, feeling the wind whisp away igniting a fire in you like never before? It’s those moments that we lose as we get older.

5. Money, Money, Money

The world is changing every day, and how we do things on a regular basis. Especially the way we write. Every year, the amount of writing we actually have do is decreasing. Technology is becoming more of a way of “living” and the use of writing is something that just isn’t being emphasized to do. 


On the contrary, knowing how to write and articulate thoughts in a way that can help you communicate with others efficiently will gain you browny points in any organization. Since we are using more technology and less writing and reading skills, it has caused a problem in how we communicate with others. Writing every day helps us have the confidence to communicate with others and companies like that. They are beginning to pay more to those who can strategize a plan and communicate it to their teams! Who doesn’t want a little extra cash for being able to write!

6. Life story

Another great aspect of writing every day is that you are documenting your life! How cool is that! You get to read where you started in life and where you were going. Having those moments can be such a powerful feeling and have such sentimental value. It’s amazing how much we do in our lives that we forget, but to go back and read the memories will definitely put a smile on your face!


7. Suit up to battle

Writing is one of the most powerful weapons if used daily. By working the muscles in the brain to articulate what you would like to say, helps you tremendously in communication. When you write, you create an internal plan of how you want things to look even if you realize it or not. You use details and “points” to make your statements valid and when you communicate you do this as well. No matter what the situation you will be able to think fast and look at any problem with an outward perspective and this is beneficial in whatever you do in life. 

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8. Dreams become reality

Accomplishing your dreams is a goal of many of ours, but actually knowing how to do so can become a challenge. When you write you connect to a part of you that you didn’t realize was there and usually, this is to the part of you that is in your heart. It’s the dreams and goals you wish to accomplish, and the person you wish to become. 

When you write, you can find out who that person is and create a plan to accomplish all of those goals that sit inside of you. It is to say, that if you write down your goals you are more likely to take action on those. You have to see them believe them and that is exactly what writing does. Think about what type of happiness that could bring you by accomplishing all of the things you aspire to become!


9. Awareness

Nowadays it’s harder to be present. Everything is becoming more fast pasted. We expect things to happen to us faster than we can blink. We don’t take the time to understand people and ourselves and we are more likely to react rather than think then react to situations that occur.

Writing gives you peace of mind. Next time when you are mad or frustrated about a situation or someone, write about it. When you do this, you can pause, and rethink situations. You are forced to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see where they are coming from. It’s also a great way to be self-aware of your actions. This is important because realizing how you reacted or how you feel about a situation can help change any negative problem into a positive one. 


10. Forgiveness

Forgiving others is hard, especially when you feel someone has done you wrong. You could think, how could someone treat you the way they did, or say such hurtful words. Writing can give you the freedom to let go. When you journal it’s only about you and the paper. No one is around to judge you for the words you want to say. By writing, you can let go of the pain, and forgive.  


What are the reasons that you like to spend time writing? Comment down below and let us know!

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