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5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

Working out isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. For those of you who don’t like yoga or running but still want to work out, we’ve found 5 great alternatives to the more popular workouts!

Take A Drop In Dance Class

Whether you danced when you were younger or have never taken a dance class, trying a drop in dance class near you can be a fun way to work out. Drop in classes are offered at a lot of community dance center or, if you’re lucky, you might find a studio that’s specifically for adults. Ballet is a great core and leg workout, whereas a hip hop class would be perfect for some cardio. Most places will require workout gear and appropriate footwear, but won’t make you wear tights and a leotard. If you did take class as a kid, this will be fun because it’s nostalgic and you get to actually enjoy dance class for once. And if you didn’t take dance, this is a fun and stress-free way to try something new! Either way, you’re sure to get a good work out!

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

Grab Some Friends And Go To A Park

Get together a group of friends, pack some refreshments and a frisbee or soccer ball, and head to the nearest park or field. Play a pickup game of frisbee or soccer, or go when it’s getting dark and throw it back to the good old days of Capture The Flag and Cops And Robbers. If there’s a playground, how about a fun game of Cherry Cherry? Whatever you choose, this is a fun way to get some cardio in without having to go to the gym or work out alone. Plus, you’ll get some fresh air and get to hang out with your friends!

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

Join An Intramural Sports Team

If you’re still in college, this is a really good option for you. Forget about those competitive teams you complain about because they keep taking over campus: we’re talking intramural sports here. The sports teams for people who just want to play and have fun and don’t worry about winning. Your school or even a local community center should have a few options for teams you can join. Think soccer, frisbee, and, if your college is really cool, Quidditch. You’ll get exercise and you’ll get the camaraderie of being on a team– win-win!

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

Hop On A Bike And Go For A Ride

You might have seen those bikes you can rent around your city. What better way to get some cardio and work out those legs than hop on and go for a ride? Recruit a friend and pick a destination and ride over there– carefully! Make sure you take safety precautions and stay alert while you’re riding. This is a great option to work out if you also want to get to see more of your town or city! You could also ride the bike there and dock it in its station, then take public transport back (if you’re not feeling up for biking the return trip).

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running

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Try A Work Out Video From The Safety Of Your Apartment

Looking for a more traditional work out? How about one you can do from the safety of your apartment? Work out videos are easily accessible on YouTube and can be a really fun way to workout. Perhaps the best part is you can pick a video based on what you want to work on, so you can really tailor your experience to fit what you want. Always loved the idea of Zumba but don’t want to pay to try it? Watch a YouTube video! Want to work out your booty at home but don’t know where to start? Watch a video! The possibilities are (nearly) endless!

5 Ways To Work Out That Aren’t Yoga Or Running


Let us know in the comments if you’re going to try of these, and how they go when you do!

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