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10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

Wear Your Hair, 10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

When you skip shampoo day you ‘ll probably want to wear your hair in a style that looks somewhat presentable. Both long and short hair needs some TLC to take you from looking like a hot mess to the best version of yourself! Add in some dry shampoo and hope for the best with these looks!

1. Twisted Top Knot

This is a twist on the classic top knot. A traditional top knot is normally sleek and tight to the head. The twisted top knot keeps the sleekness while adding some volume to the style. Start by gathering hair (brushed back or slightly messy) into a ponytail. Next split the ponytail into two sections and twist all the way down. While holding the end piece, slightly loosen the hair for volume. Next, wrap like a regular knot and use pins to secure the hair in place. Ta-da, now you look sleek and sophisticated without a lot of hassle.

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

2. Pull-Through Braid

The pull-through braid is the perfect way to wear your hair between washes and it’s super easy to do. It’s not really a braid and you will actually use elastics to create the look! Start by gathering all your hair together into one piece and secure with an elastic. Next, split hair into two sections, go top and bottom versus left to right. Then use an elastic in the top portion and place it a little lower than the first. Now pinch the hair between your fingers to create an opening and pull the lower portion through! Repeat the steps until all the hair is in the braid! Use pins to hold in any loose pieces and you’re all set.

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

3. Dutch Pigtails

Dutch pigtails are a great way to keep cool, while still looking put together! Divide hair down the middle (not as easy as it sounds), so you have two sections of hair. Start by doing a dutch braid that stops right around your hairline. Then secure with an elastic. Use a small piece of hair to wrap around the band to cover it up. Repeat on the other side so that it looks even. Then you can either tug at the braids to loosen them or leave them tight! It’s your preference!

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

4. Space Buns

Space buns are such a fun and convenient way to wear your hair when you skip shampoo day. Make sure to use some dry shampoo, so your hair doesn’t look greasy when pulled back. Brush hair and pull back to the nape of your neck. Section the hair into two parts and secure with an elastic. Next, you’ll want to twist each section and wrap them to form the buns! Use pins to help stabilize them so they don’t fall out. Pull a few sections of hair out around your face to help frame it and give you a whimsy look. 

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

5. Messy Bun With Scarf

The messy bun is the go-to look when you’re running late or running errands. It’s so easy to style that many of us don’t have to think about it, it’s so automatic. First, decide if you want the bun to be on the top or lower part of your head. Use an elastic to secure the bun and start forming the shape. Then wrap a scarf around it to finish the look. Feel sassy and classy with this hairstyle. Hint: if you don’t have a scarf, some scrunchies now have a scarf attached to them for easier styling.

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

6. Parted Party Pony

The party pony earned its name for one reason. With the parted party pony, you are adding a little more fun to the look. Start by finger combing hair around the face to separate which pieces will be left down. Next, pull the remaining hair back to the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic. Pull the elastic tight, so the hair will sit pretty and high. No one will even know you skipped your shower day when you wear your hair in this style!

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

7. Extra-Wide Headbands

Extra-wide headbands can do an amazing job of hiding hair imperfections, while still looking cute. They hide your roots, when hair is looking a little greasy. Pair them best with messy buns, tousled ponies or leftover waves. Simply set them in your hair before you decide how you want to style your hair. It’s really as easy as that! The only hard thing about this style is deciding which color or patterned headband you’ll want to use.

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10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

8. Barrettes, Barrettes, Barrettes

If you’re wondering how a barrette can save your hair between washes, you’re not alone. This little accessory can do big things for your hair. Start by deciding if you want to leave your hair down or pulled up and away from your face (go with whichever one looks better). Next, add barrettes into the style and place in groups of two to five depending on the size. Normally they go on the sides by the ears. Voila, you added style and flair to your hairstyle without doing a lot of work.

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

9. Half Up, Half Down

This style gives you so much versatility on how to wear your hair. Begin with sectioning hair into two parts. Next, secure the top portion with an elastic. Then you can leave the ponytail as is, or style it. You can create a messy bun or even braid and pin it. No matter which option you go with, you’ll keep the hair out of your face! 

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

10. Tousled Ponytail

This might seem like a no brainer, but the tousled ponytail is the easiest way to style hair between washes. Refresh your hair by spraying some dry shampoo into it before styling. Once this is done, you can pull your hair into a high or low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then gently tease the ponytail to give it volume and the tousled look. Insert pins into the area around the elastic if you desire extra height in the ponytail. Then you’ll be ready to face the day, knowing your hair looks perfectly put together.

10 Ways To Wear Your Hair Before Shampoo Day

Next time you skip shampoo day, how will you wear your hair? Which style do you wear even when you don’t skip it? Comment and share it with us below!

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