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10 Ways To Wear Vivid Hair Colors

10 Ways To Wear Vivid Hair Colors

By Chloe Duncan 

Vivid hair colors have always been an edgy way to show off your personality and express yourself. As the hair industry continues to evolve, more and more color ideas are coming into fruition, including looks that are bold, exciting, and vivid. 

1. Hidden Peek-A-Boos

Peek-A-boos are a fun way to express yourself through vivid hair colors while taking a more modest approach. A Pee-A-Boo is usually hidden beneath other layers of the hair and is meant to only be shown when you want to show it off. If you have a more modest job, a peek-a-boo vivid highlight can help to liven up your daily look while allowing you to work with different types of people, remaining modest. Pop a section of pink into your look or a fun ombre piece through your longer locks. 

2. The Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is an iconic character with even more of aniconic hair color. Her color was split down her middle, with one side ghost white and the other a midnight black. Her color quickly became popular and is now a bright and bold way to wear vivid colors. Try the look with a beautiful vivid pink and purple rendition or go for an edgier look with a deep black and bright neon green. The combinations are endless, bold, and empowering.  

3. Ombre

Ombre’s have become a go-to hair color technique within the past few years. The ombre style usually goes from dark to light, blending down the hair shaft seamlessly. The color is meant to create a naturally effortless look. An ombre created with vivid colors will do just the opposite. Try a blended blue look for a serious ocean vibe, or a bright red to pastel pink to light your look on fire. The options for an ombre with vivid colors are endless. 

4. Balayage Babe

Balayage is a hand-painted hair coloring technique that allows for the hairstylist to create dimension and depth within the hair. Balayage is normally defined the same way as an Ombre would be, blending seamlessly from dark to lighter tones within the hair. Balayage created with vivid colors can be done in many ways. You can either create an entire look with different tones of the same vivid color or create balayage vivid peek-a-boos throughout the hair for a more subtle look. 

5. Color Blocking Placements

Color blocking makes a bold statement no matter the color pallet used. Color blocking is when a stylist parts out a section of the hair and colors it a different color than the rest of the head. This can be done in multiple sections of the hair to create consistency or in one section to create an impressive statement. color blocking can also create an edgy look within the hair, showcasing your wild side. 

6. Rainbow Bright

Rainbow hair colors are fun, bright, bold, and have a whimsical vibe, allowing you to self-express through different patterns and intricate looks. Creating a rainbow in the hair with vivid colors is a bold way to make a statement with your hair. Like each of these hair techniques, a rainbow can be created within the hair in many different ways. This can include creating a rainbow throughout the entire head to a rainbow section hidden throughout the hair. Before opting for the rainbow look be sure to consult with your stylist regarding maintenance and care, as rainbow colors tend to come with a larger maintenance plan. 

7. Neons!

Neon vivids are expressive, exciting, and bold. Adding neon tones to an already bright head of hair can help to change up the look and add a drastic piece, creating an even bolder statement. Imagine a bright blue ombre with a neon green peek-a-boo. Neon colors add just a little something extra to an already vivid look.

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8. Detailed Patterns

Patterns within the hair are a fun, edgy expression that can really be conversation starters. With vivid colors, creating patterns within the hair is relatively easy. Create a fun pattern on a shaved section or a bright, vivid peek-a-boo. Create a pattern with color placement or blocking patterns. When using vivids to create patterns throughout the head, there is no wrong way to do it. Vivids are meant to be fun, patterns are meant to draw attention and create a bold statement. 

9. As A Solid Color

When used, Solid color placements can be very beautiful and with the right color, can make a lasting statement. Normally we see solid colors encompassing chocolate browns, neutral blondes, or natural hair colors. Rarely is a solid vivid color applied to the hair, but when it is, it truly is a beautiful masterpiece. This look can be difficult to achieve, especially if there is a previous color still in the hair. Consult with your stylist about the best way to achieve and maintain this color as it will be one that you will want to keep looking healthy for a long time.  

10. Muted Pastel Tones

Vivids are not always bright pinks or purples, neon greens or fiery reds. Vivid hair color can also be a beautiful pastel tone. Muted tones, such as pastel pink, purple, baby blues, or seafoam greens, can be a fun way to experiment with vivid colors without appearing too bright or edgy. A pastel color can add a brighter tone to the overall hair while remaining subtle and light. Pastels are easier to maintain than a bright vivid color however they often require just as many trips to the salon. The lighter the color, the faster it will fade. 

Before you take the plunge and apply vivid colors to your hair, remember that Vivid colors are maintenance. They require shampoos and conditioners without parabens and sulfates. They require rinsing your head in (essentially) freezing water and they require regular trips to the salon to maintain their brightness. Vivids are not for everyone, but for those who decide to take the plunge, consider one of these fun color placement at your next salon visit.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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