15 Ways To Wear Super Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Check out these ways on how to pair your clothes with super ripped boyfriend jeans. You'll find out more creative ways to wear them!
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Some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em, but there’s two things we can all agree on about boyfriend jeans: they are tricky to style and they are damn comfortable. The bagginess is a bit intimidating if you are usually all about the skinny jeans, and when you decide to wear a pair with large rips and tears, you may fear looking a little sloppy. However, there is no need to worry–below are 15 ways to pull off super ripped boyfriend jeans! But beware, once you go boyfriend, you never go back.

1. Stick To The Basics

You can never go wrong with a good ‘ol white tee, especially with boyfriend jeans. You will be looking effortlessly cool with this combo, that can be paired well with your favorite pair of Converse or Vans.

2. Dress It Up

Who knew distressed jeans went so well with killer heels? Wear your ultra ripped boyfriend jeans with a blouse or lace top paired with heels for a comfortable night out.


3. Keep It Trendy AF

You may have seen pictures of fishnet tights under ripped jeans floating around your Instagram feed over the past year, and for good reason–the combo is super cute! Whip out the fishnets from last Halloween and slip them on under ripped boyfriend jeans for this trendy look.

4. Show Them Shoulders

Keep the ripped boyfriend jeans looking feminine with a flowy off-the-shoulder top. This outfit can be dressed up with simple heels or dressed down with strappy sandals.

5. Be The Boyfriend

This look is for those who wish to embrace the boyfriend-look of these jeans. Put on your favorite band tee with super ripped boyfriend jeans and checkered Vans to go grunge-chic.


6. Keep It Cozy

Throw on a slouchy cold-shoulder sweater with a lace bralette underneath for an outfit that is adorable and comfortable. Pair it with some booties and an infinity scarf and you’ve got an effortless fall look.

7. Get Busy

Elevate casual ripped boyfriend jeans to a new level with a fitted blazer, ankle strap heels, a structured handbag and dainty jewelry. The contrast of the distressed jeans and the clean-cut blazer is perfect for this stylish business casual outfit.

8. Get Knotty

Tie-front tops are in this summer and are perfect for pairing with super ripped boyfriend jeans. Hop on the trend and wear your new tie-front top with your new favorite kind of jeans.


9. Stripe It Up

There’s just something so right about striped shirts and ripped boyfriend jeans. Throw on your staple striped shirt, black belt with a double buckle and ripped boyfriend jeans for this casual but put together look. Bonus: wear with a pair of leopard print flats for mega Diane Kruger vibes.

10. Be A Badass

Is there anything a leather jacket doesn’t go with? Put on your trusty leather jacket with a graphic tee and either sneakers or booties for this rocker chic look.

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11. Do Double Denim

Be inspired by 2001 Britney Spears–not to be mistaken with 2007 Britney–and go full denim. Okay, maybe not as far as Brit and JT went, but definitely do not fear double denim.

12. Crop It Out

There are few times where a crop top won’t look good with an outfit. Ripped boyfriend jeans go well with any kind of crop top, whether it be a cropped sweatshirt, t-shirt, or tank.

13. Tank It Up

Keep cool in these hotter months by throwing on a basic tank top to go with your ripped boyfriend jeans. This simple combo makes for a great summer outfit.


14. Suit Up

In recent years, bodysuits have become incredibly popular. They are super versatile, evident by the number of bottoms that pair well with them (including super ripped boyfriend jeans!). Wear this outfit with a baseball cap of your choice for a sporty but sexy look.

15. Keep It Casual

Keep your look simple by pairing your super ripped boyfriend jeans with a long cardigan. This outfit pairs especially well with booties and a simple top underneath.

Have you heard of these tips to wear ripped boyfriend jeans? Let us know in the comments section below!

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