10 Ways to Wear Neon This Summer

If you’re not wearing wearing neon this summer, you’ve got to seriously reevaluate your closet situation. We get three months to wear colors as bright as we want and you’re passing it up? Let’s fix that. Here are ten ways you can bring neon colors into your summer style.


Let’s start of easy! Earrings are already make a comeback as an must-have accessory so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Wear your hair up in a bun or a pony tail to really give those neon earrings a chance to shine! It’s the perfect touch of color without overwhelming the outfit.

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This is another easy way to introduce some neon into your wardrobe. Whether they’re a pair of stilettos or flats, neon shoes can offer something fun to any outfit! You can pair them with subtler colors like whites or tans to really let the shoes be the highlight (see what we did there?) of your outfit.

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Body Suit

Ready to step it up a bit? Neon body suits are perfect for nights out on the town! Bodysuits are already so easy to style; rocking a neon one will be a cakewalk. Pair them with a skirt or pair of shorts and your favorite dancing shoes. You’ll look so trendy as you dance it out to the latest Ariana Grande hit.

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Graphic Tee

For a casual look, try a graphic tee! Not only will the neon be subtle, it’s also a easy way to look effortlessly trendy. Pair an oversized graphic tee with your favorite pair of light wash jeans or shorts and classic white Chucks. This look is perfect for a baseball game or a day in the park!

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I’ve seen this look floating around and I’ve kind of fallen in love. Skirts are already the perfect summertime piece; rocking a neon one would just be perfect. Whether your preferred silhouette is a skirt and tight or midi and flowing, a neon skirt will make you look oh-so summer ready.

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Eye Make Up

Make up counts right? I know make up in the summertime feels pointless, but for the days when you want to glam up your eye look, try a neon liquid eyeliner! It’s the perfect pop of color that will get everyone chatting about your badass cat eye.

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If you’re loving the neon, but don’t want to be too committed, try a clutch! Whether you’re going out to lunch, a summer wedding, or date night with your boo, a neon clutch will add a fun touch to any outfit! You can pair it with whites, blues, or even black to really let that bright color pop!

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See Also

Bathing Suits

I don’t know about you, but neon on tan skin is too good to miss out on. Next time you’re at the beach or by a pool, rock a neon bathing suit. The bright color will make your tan look so much better in those Instagram pics!

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For those bold enough, try a neon dress! Whether it’s a body con or a flowy one, neon dresses make an easy go-to outfit for summer. You’ll be on-trend without having to worry about pairing neon with other colors. Slip on your favorite black or nude heels and you’re ready to turn some heads!

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Still not convinced you can rock a neon graphic tee or a neon dress? You can always keep the trend simple by wearing neon belt! Like the earrings, it let’s you add that perfect touch of color without overwhelming your style with neon. Find one to rock around your waist and you’re all set!

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What’s your favorite way to rock neon in the summer?

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Priscilla Carcido

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