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15 Ways To Wear Natural Hair And Look Amazing

15 Ways To Wear Natural Hair And Look Amazing

There are so many different ways to wear natural hair and still look amazing. Often times, people think that if they have curly, straight, or wavy hair that it looks bad but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are some things to do with natural hair that look awesome!

The thought of wearing your hair natural may make some of you cringe, but once you get used to it, you might come to realize that it’s not that bad. That’s because natural hair is not only extremely easy to maintain, but it is also super healthy for your locks! Forget about the days of frying your hair with straighteners, curlers, crimpers, blow dryers and god knows whatever other heating tools you may be using, as these examples are some of the best ways to wear natural hair and still look good!

1) For All Hair Types – Braid It Back

Definitely one of the best ways to wear natural hair is to braid it all back. Not only does this get it out of your face, but it creates a great hairstyle for when you let your hair down too!

2) For All Hair Types – The Half Bun

The half bun is a go-to hairstyle that everyone should know about. If you’re feeling as though your hair has too much volume, or just needs a little bit more style it, then give the half bun hairstyle a try!


3) For Wavy Hair – The Half Braid

The half braid is such an easy and cute look to do if you’re on the road, or in a rush! Just take the top layer of your hair, braid it, and let the rest remain natural!

4) For All Hair Types – The Messy Bun

A messy bun look is one you can never go wrong with, as this is such an easy look to go for! It’s okay for a little hair to fall out, as that’s a part of the style. Wear this hair with anything, you’ll be surprised at how well it goes!

5) For Straight Hair – Braided Pigtails

If you have super straight and bland hair, try out these braided pigtails! Wear them to run errands, shop, or even to the gym! They’re super easy to achieve, and the braids leave your hair with some added volume when it’s all set and done!


6) For Curly Hair – All Natural

I know girls with curly hair tend to hate their hair, but it’s important to realize there’s so many girls out there that dream to have curly hair – including myself. Therefore, you should rock your curly locks!

7) For Curly Or Wavy Hair – Space Buns

Space buns are extremely in, and the curly and wavy haired girls out there can definitely rock them since they’ve got all of that volume!

8) For Curly Hair – Half Clipped

With curly hair can come a lot of volume. Tone it down by pinning half of your hair back, you may be pleasantly surprised with the look you find!


9)  For Wavy Or Straight Hair – The Braided Back Pony

Braid that ponytail back by doing a french braid right up the middle of your head! Then, let that messy hair do the work in the back! This is definitely one of the best ways to wear natural hair!

10) For Straight Or Wavy Hair – The Twisted Pony

Pony tails are never something you can go wrong with, and if you want to add a little extra style so that your pony isn’t too boring, try twisting some hair into it!

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11) For All Hair Types – The Messy Bun

I know a messy bun was mentioned earlier – but this one is totally different, okay? Placing a big bun at the top of your head is always an easy go-to look.

12) For All Hair Types – Beach Waves

Beach waves are definitely one of the best ways to wear natural hair as they’re super easy to style! Grab some sea spray from your local drugstore and make it happen!

13) For All Hair Types – French Braids

French braids are such an easy hairstyle to wear, and work for almost any type of situation! Go out shopping, or grab some lunch with this hairstyle!


14) For Curly Hair – Braided Everything

If you’re over your curls, just keep it simple by braiding your whole damn head. These braids last forever, and keep your hair tamed!

15) For All Hair – The Side Pony

Any hair type can take advantage of the side pony as this is such an easy way to style your hair!

Which one of these ways to wear natural hair is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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