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5 Ways To Wear Fishnets This Coming Spring

5 Ways To Wear Fishnets This Coming Spring

If you’re like me, you have at least 10 pairs of fishnets, in multiple different patterns, thrown all across your room, but have no clue what to do with them! Believe it or not, you don’t just have to wear tights underneath a dress! 

There are so many different ways to style your patterned fishnets or tights, that can take your look from a 7 to a 10! Keep reading to find out how I style my fishnets to create individualistic and unique looks that look swag and can be worn when the weather permits this coming Spring!


1. Fishnets With A Mini Skirt

One of my favorite ways to style fishnets or fun and funky tights is with a basic mini skirt! Although this seems so boring, there are so many ways to spice up this look! Pick a patterned mini skirt (even micro-mini, preferably plaid) and rock a pair of ripped fishnets underneath! 

You can add combat boots and leg warmers to this look and even some garters if you’re feeling up for it! This look is so cute, and you can throw on a baggy band t-shirt, or dress it up with a cute lacey corset top, and BAM! Your outfit has already improved so much! 

I love this look with regular old, patterned tights as well! You don’t have to do fishnets, you could use the trending fleece-lined, sheer, black tights as well! 


You can find the perfect mini skirt to add to your collection, by thrifting locally, or using eBay/Depop! These two apps/websites are my go-to way to add new items to my closet! They’re essentially online thrift stores, and you can shop for new or used products!

My favorite mini skirt is a red, black, white, and yellow micro mini skirt from the brand TRIPP NYC that I bought off Depop! It was a relatively inexpensive purchase and has been a staple in my closet for this specific fishnet look! 


2. Fishnets As Gloves

My next go-to way to wear fishnets is to cut them up and wear them as gloves! This DIY is so simple, you can do it 5 minutes before you have to be out the door! All you do is take a pair of fishnets and cut off the length that you want your gloves and sew on some elastic at the top! 

The elastic is a great idea because your makeshift gloves won’t be falling off all night long, but if that is too much work you can always connect the ends with some string or ribbon, or just tie the ends together around your upper arm/ wrist (or wherever the glove is ending)! 

This is SUCH a cute look! You can rock these gloves with a t-shirt and jeans, or dress them up with a leopard print trench coat. Honestly, they’re so cute that anything goes! 


3. Fishnets With A Dress

My next recommendation is fishnets with a dress! This idea is so done over, but with the right accessorizing and pairing the right fishnets with the perfect dress, you have yourself a totally rare and unique outfit! 

In the picture featured below, the contrast between a short red dress and bold, black fishnet stockings pulls through for a beautiful and scandalous outfit! It’s all about what you choose to pair together!


If you have small-holed fishnets, a maxi dress probably isn’t the best way to go, because you won’t be able to see the detail in your tights! You would want to instead, use the wider-holed fishnet tights! If you have a short or mini cocktail dress, stockings or small-holed intricate design fishnets are the way to go! 

4. Fishnets And Jeans

Another recommendation I have (that I frequently wear) is fishnets with jeans! I don’t just mean throw on a pair of your ripped fishnets with skinny jeans for some added warmth, I’m talking dressing up your ripped mom jeans with a funky layer of fishnets underneath!

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Every time I see someone sporting a pair of fishnets underneath ripped jeans, I immediately love their outfit! It adds so much spice and funk to an otherwise average outfit, and definitely does not have to be for just a “grunge” style look! 

You can use red or even purple-colored patterned fishnets underneath ripped jeans with a basic tank top, just for some added spunk! It definitely doesn’t have to be all black! Give it a try and see how your outfit changes! 


My favorite ripped jeans to do this with at the moment, are the BDG, black, ripped mom jeans from Urban Outfitters! The quality is amazing, and the material of BDG jeans is so soft and can last a lifetime! I highly recommend investing in a quality pair of jeans to try this trend out with! 

5. Fishnets And A Top

My last recommendation and personal favorite way (as of recently) for how to style fishnets, is to rock fishnets AS a top, and then under a top! Of course, you can do this with any pair of tights too! All you have to do is grab the pair of tights you want to wear and cut out a very small triangle near the middle part of your tights (the crotch part). 


From there, you can cut the feet part off (or for fishnets just slide your fingers through the holes) and throw them on over your head! I typically throw on a baggy t-shirt and rock some jorts with my rusty converse but dressing it up is a fun way to spice up your outfit as well!

I have also worn fishnets as a shirt underneath a cute lingerie top, with some low-waisted jeans, and it is so cute! Definitely give this look a try! It’s a must-wear, this upcoming season! 


I hope you give each and every one of these looks a try, and remember, you can make any outfit your own with personalized accessories! Don’t forget to add your spin on things with cool and funky earrings and bracelets! Let Society19 know in the comments below what your favorite accessory is! 

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