7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

Slip dresses are a must-wear this summer. Its cut and fabric make it the perfect clothing piece to wear for any occasion while looking oh-so trendy. Whether you rock your favorite slip dress with a pair of heels or a pair of Doc Martens, your outfit will always been 10/10 Instagram worthy. Here are 7 ways you can wear a slip dress this summer

Brunch with the Girls

Brunch is always a yes. And so is a slip dress. Show up to your favorite brunch spot in a midi length slip dress and pointed flats. Here’s the trick: wear your favorite graphic over the dress and tie it into a knot at your waste. It’ll totally transform the look of the dress into a skirt while still keeping the same flowing silhouette. Plus the knot will highlight your waste line giving you that hour-figure look. Grab your favorite clutch and you’re ready for those bottomless mimosas!

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

Night Out

What’s summer without a few nights out on the town? Not a summer I’d want to be experiencing. Dance like no one is watching and sip on your favorite drinks in a shorter slip dress. Wear it with your absolute favorite (and comfortable!) black booties. Add a little extra something new to the look by wearing a long-sleeved top under. Make it something fun like a top with a high-neck or lace sleeves to transform the slip dress into a new look.

Running Errands

Who says you can grocery shop and still look trendy? You’ll want to dress the slip dress down while you go grocery shopping, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your new favorite piece at home! Wear it with a basic short-sleeve tee underneath and your favorite sneakers! Whether they’re a pair of Old Skool Vans or Adidas original (or whatever fits your style!), you’ll still look so chic while perusing the produce section.

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

Date Night

I love dressing for date night and a slip dress just makes it so much more fun. The fabric and feel of this dress just makes it the perfect piece to get that look in his (or her!) eyes. The dress is already so sexy, you don’t need to do much. Rock your favorite slip dress with a pair of black or nude heeled booties to keep it simple. Add a belt around the waste for the perfect accessory. It cinches the waste for that hourglass look, but also adds a fun detail to the dress.


Summer season is wedding dress season and who has the time to buy three different dresses? Wear a slip dress to the next ceremony and call it a day. The cut and material of the dress makes it look so fancy and perfect for a wedding. Find a dress with a longer hemline (preferably down to the ankles, but midi-length would work, too!) and wear it with your favorite strappy heels. Accessorize with a pair of dangling ears and a few bracelets and you’re all set!

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

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Music Festival

Oh, summer music festivals, how you have my heart. Jam out to your favorite musicians and bands while rocking the slip dress. Wear a slip dress with a shorter hemline with your favorite pair of heeled black sock booties. Accessorize with a brimmed hat and a choker for a classic festival look! You can even wear your favorite band’s tour tee under the dress for a fun added detail.

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

To The Office

Yep, even to the office! This. Dress. Is. So. Versatile. Just make sure to find a slip dress in an office-appropriate length (both neckline and hemline!) and you’re ready to make the workweek a little more fun! Wear your dress with a blazer and flats, loafers, or pointed-toe heels to make it look more business casual. It might just be the office, but your style still matters!

7 Ways To Wear A Slip Dress This Summer

What are your favorite ways to wear a slip dress? Tell us in the comments below!

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