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10 Ways To Wear A Minidress In The Winter

Every single minidress and mini skirt you own doesn’t have to be locked up in your wardrobe this winter; instead, bring them out to wear this season and challenge yourself to buy more to celebrate what’s left of this year and the beginning months of 2021. Mini skirts and minidresses have always symbolized femme sexuality and cutting edge fashion, despite its creation being nearly 60 years old. No matter the season, pulling out a minidress or a mini skirt keeps you feeling young, fun, and alive. Women all over the world rock these items during winter, as the fashion industry continues to find ways to wear mini clothing in the chilliest of weathers. Here are 10 ways you can wear a minidress and mini skirt in the winter! 

1. Sweater Minidress + Thigh High Boots

Sweater dresses have become one of the trendiest fall ‘fits of 2020. But why not extend the look into the winter season? Slipping on a warm sweater minidress with a nice pair of thigh-high boots will simultaneously ensure comfortability and style. Making this outfit monochrome will also take it a step further by making you appear taller and sleeker. It’s safe to say that this is a classic and chic outfit we’ll continue to see for many years to come. 

2.  Turtleneck + Faux-Leather Mini Skirt

Sporting a trendy turtleneck in the winter is a must, so try wearing one with a faux-leather mini skirt this year. The contrasting textures will give you the necessary edge you need to feel self-assured, badass, and ready for the world. Additionally, wearing a faux-leather mini skirt high-waisted and/or with a unique belt will definitely add an extra edge to your look. This is the ultimate combo that manages to merge two different classic styles we love. 

3. Matching Corduroy Set + Sweater Underneath

If you’re looking for the perfect material to wear in the fall and winter, make sure corduroy is on your radar. Wearing a matching corduroy set exudes elegance with its timelessness and familiarity. The material is known to be warm and flexible, as well as soft, yet durable. It’s essential to seek out cord sets in winter colors like emerald green, black, and red-brown, as they truly speak to the colder seasons. This is an awesome go-to look anyone can rock. 

4. Long Sleeve Minidress + Pants

Gone are the days where we wore pants under dresses…or so we thought. While the early 2000s was a fashion cringefest for many, the trend of wearing pants underneath a minidress has been brought back to life on spring 2021 runways, such as Marina Moscone, Fendi, and Jil Sander. The pairing provides beauty and practicality, as well as inclusivity for those who choose to dress more modestly. This way to wear a minidress makes it a clothing item for everyone. 

5. Sweater + Plaid Mini Skirt + Black Tights

A plaid mini skirt and black tights automatically trigger thoughts of winter. This is mostly since the pairing is a commonly seen international fashion trend during colder months, whether it’s worn in Western countries like England or Eastern nations like South Korea. Plaid is a pattern notoriously worn in the winter and has been used in school uniforms, scarves, and dresses. Completing this look with a chic sweater will surely do you justice. 

6. A Sweater Over A Minidress

On milder winter days or times where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear, try slipping on a minidress with your favorite hem detailing and wear your favorite oversized sweater as a top. Attempting to find convenience in the minidresses you no longer wear by reinventing them in this way provides new ways to experiment with your wardrobe. In doing this, you might find your look to be avant-garde, super trendy, or utterly perfect without compromising its usefulness. 

7. Sweater + Suspender Minidress + Suede Thigh-High Boots

There is just something cute about suspender minidresses that make them absolutely irresistible. Pairing this with a cozy sweater and some suede thigh-high boots will have you serving looks and keeping warm everywhere you go. The ensemble is perfect for casual days out and a night on the town with friends. What makes this ideal for winter is the minidress’s ability to act as a skirt and meet the suede thigh-high boots midway, covering inches of your body whilst appearing fashionable. 

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8. Padded Shoulder Pencil Skirt Suit Set + Colored Tights

If you’ve been waiting to channel your inner 80s girl boss in the 2020s, this might be the mini skirt outfit for you! Even if you aren’t headed out to work this winter, rocking a padded shoulder pencil skirt suit set with colored tights will have you feeling professional and fun during this pandemic. This retro fashion has been hitting the runway and streetwear scene as of late and gives fashionistas everywhere a reason to wear a mini skirt. 

9. Sequin Minidress

‘Tis the season to wear sequin way more often than usual. Being bold and dressing up should be the theme this winter, as we celebrate life through sequin by making every day a holiday. Owning a unique and retro mini dress allows versatility and nuance to your winter wardrobe. This is the perfect winter attire for those who feel the best when they look the best and have several kinds of black tights and suede shoes that will look wonderful and comfortable with this outfit. 

10. Velvet/Velour Minidress

Velvet and velour are making a huge comeback at the moment and in the next several years, making it essential to invest in a nice velvet/velour minidress. Soft to the touch and warm against the skin, the material is made for cold days and helps you accentuate your curves with its iridescent feature. If you’re going for a sexy snug look, this is definitely worthwhile. 

These are just too cute not to own and wear this winter season. What look caught your eye? What would you add to this list? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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