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10 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt This Summer

10 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt This Summer

10 Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt This Summer

Ever since denim skirts came back into trend, I have been searching for ways to rock this piece. Whether it’s for a date night with your boo or a concert under the stars, there are so many ways to style a denim skirt that are easy and So. Much. Fun. Pull out that denim skirt — we’ve got 10 ways you can wear it this summer.

With A Graphic

Graphic tees have made their own comeback as of late and I am here for it. Tuck your favorite graphic into a denim skirt and tie the look together with a belt. Put on your favorite pair of sneakers (Old Skool Vans for me, thanks!) and call it a day. You’ll look so effortlessly trendy!


With A Body Suit

Body suits are the perfect item to pair with a denim skirt. A denim skirt will slide right over it and it’ll provide you with a sleek silhouette! Find a body suit in a bright color (think bright red or even pink!) and put on that denim skirt. Pair it with heeled booties for a look perfect for a night out.

With A Button Up

For the 9-5 folks, don’t hang up that denim skirt dream quite yet! Find a longer denim skirt and pair that baby with your favorite button up. You’ve got a summertime look perfect for the office! Rock it with pumps or even animal print flats and you’re all set.

With a Satin Cami

Need a date-night outfit? Satin cami’s and denim skirts are here for you. Satin cami’s can make anything look sexy. Pair your favorite satin cami with a denim skirt and black heels. Finish the look off with a belt to match and your boo will be heart-eyed all night.


With A Sweater

So, you’ve probably already packed away your sweaters, but dig out that lightweight one for a night. Tuck it into a denim skirt and pair it with your favorite sneakers. You’ve got a look perfect for the cool summer nights by the beach.

With A Tube Top

I call this look the “wyd” outfit because it’s my go-to for last minute summertime plans. You’ve probably got a stack of tube tops that need some love so pair them with a denim skirt for the days you said “YOLO” to summer adventures.


With Neon

We all know summertime is neon time so find a fun neon top to wear with your denim skirt. You can finish the look off with some booties or sneakers for the perfect music festival look. If you’re feeling extra bold, finish the look off with an animal print belt!

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With A Denim Top

Denim-on-denim might be a crime, but handcuff me anyways. For this look, you’ll want contrasting denims. Whether it’s a light wash top and a dark denim skirt or vice versa, the different washes will make you look so ahead of the trend. Wear a belt with this look to draw in the eye!


With A Print Top

Whether your pick is floral or striped, a denim skirt with a print top is the perfect festival look. You can accessorize with fun glasses or a bandanna around your neck and you’re ready to rock out to your favorite bands under the sun or stars.

With An Off-The-Shoulder

I’ve rocked this look a few times and for good reason. Tuck your favorite off-the-shoulder top into a denim skirt and slip on your favorite sandals. This look just screams summertime vibes and is perfect for any occasion. Dust a little highlighter on your shoulders for an added glow!


What’s your favorite way to wear a denim skirt? Let us know below!

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