10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

Scraps of leftover vegetables can be one of the hardest things to transform because they run the risk of going bad in a short amount of time. Also, leaving already cut, leftover vegetables in your fridge can make them turn brown unless they’re used up quickly. The last thing you want to do is throw away any food, especially if you can turn it into something delicious. Follow this list of tips, tricks and recipes to learn how you can use up your leftover vegetables!

1. Freeze Them

One of the best things you can do with leftover vegetables is to throw them in the freezer so they will last longer. To do this, take all of your leftover vegetables, cut them up into pieces and store and label them in individual freezer bags. Take a bag out whenever you need one!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

2. Meal Prep

Another thing that can be done with leftover vegetables is to prepare them. These will not last as long as they will in the freezer, but they are better than letting the leftover vegetables go to waste. Prepare the vegetables in your favorite meals or use them to prepare healthy meals for the week ahead!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

3. Make a Soup

Leftover vegetables are perfect for soups since they give them body. They also make it seem like you’re eating more than you actually are. Delicious vegetable soup recipes are easy to make too. Plus, they’re healthy so it’s a double win!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

4. Face Masks

Depending on the leftover vegetables you have in the fridge, you can use them to make face masks or implement them in your next spa day. How about a nice carrot face mask to brighten your skin? Or maybe a tomato one to help repair your skin alongside a cooling potato eye mask? Vegetables have a lot of different healing properties, so they’re good for your skin and in your meal!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

5. Turn Them Into Chips

Potato chips are one of the best, and unhealthiest, snacks one can possibly eat. So instead of indulging in a bag of chips, try turning your leftover vegetables into chips. Almost any vegetable will work here. A basic recipe includes cutting up the vegetables, coating them in olive oil, seasoning and baking them until they’re crisp. Enjoy!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

6. Make Meals for Others

Depending on how many leftover vegetables you have, you can whip them into something nice for everyone to enjoy. You will need a couple of extra ingredients, but leftover vegetables can make for delicious, versatile recipes like rice pilaf or vegetable lasagna!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

7. Make Smoothie Cubes

Leftover vegetables can be a great base for your next smoothie. Easy prep for this involves grinding up your leftover vegetables with your choice of fruit, and freezing them in an ice cube tray. Pop a couple out the next time you want to make a smoothie, add your liquid of choice and enjoy!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

8. Plant a Vegetable Garden

Use the base of leftover root vegetables to make your own, indoor vegetable garden. Simply chop off the top or bottom of a root vegetable and plant it accordingly. For example, plant an onion root by covering it in soil. Water it regularly and soon enough, you’ll have your own vegetable garden to enjoy!10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

9. Make a Vegetable Curry

If you’ve ever wanted to make a vegetarian curry fit for a king, now’s your chance! Curries are very versatile and can be made out of almost anything. So look up a great recipe, and invite some friends over. It’s vegetarian night!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

10. Canning

If you really have no idea what to do with your leftover vegetables, can them. Doing so will prevent you from throwing them out and you can use them at a later time. Throw them in soups, stews, or rice dishes and dig in!

10 Ways To Use Up Leftover Vegetables

Have you used any of these tips when it comes to your leftover vegetables? Comment your favorites down below!

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