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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Desk For Getting Things Done

Your desk is where most of your daily work should be done, whether it’s a makeshift, small table to a more traditional, sturdy desk with plenty of drawers, this is your space to be productive. It can be easy to pile just anything on top of your desk and just do homework on your laptop on the couch in front of the TV, multitasking at it’s finest! Not exactly. If you don’t have a designated location to heave all your reading and get some essay writing done, you’re bound to get distracted. If you want to be more organized and productive, here are 10 ways to upgrade your desk for getting things done.

1. Get rid of the clutter

First and foremost, get all your laundry, snacks, and other junk off your desk. You’re never going to get any work done if you treat your desk as a second closet. Clear off the mess and start with the basics. Having just your laptop, notebooks, and pens is a good place to start.

2.  Find a cute calendar

Many people don’t think calendars can be useful but trust me, they help keep you organized and on top of things when you are working with deadlines. Find a cute calendar to place on your desk, it can be plain or have comics on them, and jot down important dates. It gives many people a sense of accomplishment to cross off the days or major tasks and can also be a visual timeline for any long-term goals you may have.

3. Personalize your desk with photos

I’ve personally found this upgrade to be one of the most important and simple touches to your desk. Putting small pictures frames around your workspace is a great way to keep you motivated. Whether it’s a picture of your family, pet, or from a vacation you once took, seeing these pictures during long, stressful days is a good reminder that all your hard work is worth it.

4. Make sure you have enough shelves

In order to avoid the clutter on your desk in the first place, storage bins and small shelves make it easy to find the things you’re looking for and not just toss everything into a pile. Even if you are lucky enough to have an old fashioned desk with plenty of drawers, having your supplies within reach and sight is often a good way to keep your projects moving along.

5. Get a lamp for those late night work sessions

When you are staring at a screen or book for long hours at a time, you may be tempted to shut off the lights and take a nap when you are deep into a work assignment or study session. Having a lamp at your desk is a great upgrade when you want to turn down the lights but not fall asleep entirely, especially when working late into the night.

6. Hang a corkboard next to your desk

Another creative upgrade is to put a corkboard near your desk. It’s a nice way to hang up any small certificates or emails that have brought some kind of success to your life. Since you can easily pin things on a corkboard and change it at your leisure, this is a good way to keep you focused on goals and dreams while also showing your personality to anyone who happens to come into your workspace.

7. Make everything accessible to you

Okay, coffee is just as big a part of your productivity as is all the utensils and books you have. Your mug is constantly needing a refill so why not make space on your desk for your Keurig coffee maker and save yourself a trip to the kitchen every few hours. Genius right? Oh and maybe hook up a printer nearby too.

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8. Put a clock nearby

Putting a clock near your desk is not necessarily to put pressure on you to remind you that essay needs to be submitted in an hour. Instead, looking at the clock from time to time might be a good way to see how long you’ve been working and when to give yourself a break.

9. Get sticky-note pads and use them

You can’t forget the small things you need to get done. Sticky-notes are a great way to leave yourself small memos and jot down ideas before you forget. I personally keep a stack of notepads at my desk and it has been one of the best upgrades I’ve made. Sure, my desk is covered in hundreds of colorful little notes but at least I know I’m getting things done!

10. Place your desk near a window (if possible)

If you do tend to be more of a workaholic than a procrastinator, you may consider moving your desk near a window in your room. This allows you to feel the sunshine on your face while working and also gives you a perspective of your world when looking out. Open that window on nice days and give yourself some fresh air when you need it.

What are some upgrades to your desk you’ve made lately to help you be more productive? Comment below and share!

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