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Top 5 Ways To Update Your Wardrobe For Fall Without Buying New Clothing

Season’s come and go but your bank account should be kept at a sturdy number. Don’t break the bank because you’re worried that your wardrobe is out of date. Here are five ways you can update your wardrobe without spending like a Kardashian.

1. New Buttons

If you know how to sew you could rule the world. I’m not exaggerating here… okay maybe I am a little, but you can do so much to update your wardrobe if you know how to sew. Even if you’re not a master at this skill, you can easily google how to sew on buttons and that is where the really start updating your wardrobe.

Almost everything you own probably has buttons on it. Coats, shirts, and event pants all have buttons attached in order to clasp your article of clothing together. By replacing these tiny little details you can update your wardrobe in a flash. You would be surprised at what a difference it can make having new buttons on an old jacket.

2. Alterations

In 2005 baggy hoodies were all the rage and most teenage girls started buying clothes that were two sizes too big for us, just to be cool. Now in 2019, wearing tight crop tops and jeans is back in style. But don’t throw away those hoodies and t-shirts just yet, because they can be altered to help update your wardrobe.

Measure out just how short you want your new crop top to be, maybe you want it to have above the belly button or just after your jeans end. Either way put your oversized hoodie on and draw a line where you want it to end. Then cut right below that line, the line doesn’t have to be perfectly straight because you’re going to fold up the material that hangs below the line and sew it to the shirt. Kind of like you’re hemming pants. This will create a perfectly straight line and a clean look.

3. Accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of a good necklace. By adding a few new accessories to your old looks you can update your wardrobe without any effort at all. Try wearing a new belt with the same pair of jeans you have been wearing for years, it can make the whole look seem fresh and new, and you only spent ten dollars.

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You can also reuse old pieces of jewellery in a new way to help update your wardrobe. A clasp on a necklace broken? Tie it around your wrist to make a new dangly bracelet that you can wear anytime. A cheap place I love to get new jewellery is called my older sister’s house, everything there is practically free…well for me it is.

4. Mix Season’s Up

YOU CAN WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY! I’m sorry for yelling, but someone had to say it. There are no real rules about what colors you can wear during what season. Update your wardrobe by wearing your summer clothes in fall. If you live somewhere cold and you are wondering how you can use this tip, try buying some tights. Pairing your dress shorts with a pair of black tights can make for an intricate combo that will look great and keep your legs warm.

5. Style

How you wear something is just as important as what you wear. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe try looking at something you already own in a new way. Tie a flannel around your waist, or roll up the bottoms of your baggy jeans. Little changes can make a huge difference. Also, try walking with a straighter posture and a little more confidence, the person makes the clothes not the other way around. Love yourself and style will come naturally.

A new season is right around the corner, but don’t stress about having to update your wardrobe. Try out these simple tips and notice a difference in your everyday look.

What is a piece of clothing do you already own that you will never get rid of? Comment below!

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