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5 Ways To Upcycle Your Overalls That You Didn’t Know About

5 Ways To Upcycle Your Overalls That You Didn’t Know About

Upcycle your overalls to transform a seemingly boring piece, into a fun outfit! Try these ways to add style and personality to your denim.

1. Make a Skirt Bottom

You can add a skirt at the bottom of your overalls, by cutting off the bottom and sewing a skirt to the top piece! It’s a really easy fashion project you can try at home, without making a huge mess. Simply cut your overalls where the top portion ends. Be sure to leave about two inches of fabric, because you have to sew the skirt to the bottom.

If you have a skirt in mind, be sure to undo the hems of the skirt and map out the way it will connect to your overall top. If you have loose fabric, or if you want to purchase from a fabric store, always measure the length you need. If you have no idea, take your overalls to the fabric store and explain to an associate. They will help choose the fabric you need and will cut the exact amount for you. 

2. Add Patches

For a quicker way to upcycle your overalls, add patches! Cut out different square shapes from old denim pants or jackets that you don’t wear. Take a piece of fabric chalk and map out the sections you want to cover. Sew the patches onto your overalls, with a needle and thread.

You can find needle and thread at the fabric store, or at your local dollar store! You can create an edgy look by mixing light and dark denim patches, throughout your creation. 

3. Add Paint

Yes, paint! Add paint to upcycle your overalls by using a sponge to dip into paint and press onto the jean material. You can also use a paint brush to lightly make stroke patterns in certain sections. You want to make sure you’re extra careful, to create a neat pattern that doesn’t come out looking like a craft project.

Try using white or blue paint that match the woven jean fibers. For a different painting technique, you can paint a picture on one of your overall back pockets! Be sure to use acrylic paint, since this type works best on jean fabric. 

5 Ways To Upcycle Your Overalls That You Didn’t Know About

4. Destroy

Easily add destroyed areas to your overall jeans by cutting small holes and plucking the blue threads. The blue threads will be in a vertical pattern and the white threads will be horizontal. Pluck the threads with tweezers, to create the look in a faster way.

You can also destroy the pockets of your jeans by running a razor along the fabric in a back in forth motion, at the bottom of the pocket seam (no specific area). If you want to make the fabric more soft, simply run sandpaper back and forth as well, in the area you want to transform. 

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5 Ways To Upcycle Your Overalls That You Didn’t Know About

5. Make a Denim Top

Turn the top of your overalls into a jean halter! Cut your overalls, until only the top portion is left. With needle and thread, hem the ends that are left out, to neatly tuck in the rough edges from cutting. Remember the top will be open, since you cut the bottom portion off. You will need to carefully hand-sew, or sew with a machine the open ends by adding two denim panels on each side.

You can do this using pieces of scrap denim from the legs portion of the overalls, you cut in the beginning. The key to DIY is measuring! Everyone’s body is unique, so be sure to measure your body and how the finished piece will lay against your shape. This way, you will cut the right panels for the sides that won’t leave your top too small or big.

Also, make sure you’re adding room under your arms by cutting a slight dip (semi-circle) into your side panel fabric, at the area directly underneath your armpits. Or, simply make the side panels short under your arms, to expose your chest area. Doing this will allow you to wear a cute bralette that will show underneath your denim top! 

5 Ways To Upcycle Your Overalls That You Didn’t Know About

You can upcycle your overalls, instead of getting rid of them. Comment below and tell us which upcycling project you think would be easiest to make!

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