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10 Ways To “Treat Yo Self” When You Really Need To

Sometimes life gets the best of us and stress creeps in. It is important to take the time to slow down every once and a while and, in the words of Parks and Rec’s Tom and Donna, “Treat yo self”. No matter when time of year, take some time every now and then to recalibrate and focus on some self-care. Here are 10 of the best ways to “Treat Yo Self” when you need a breath of fresh air.

1. Go on a walk

I know, exercise doesn’t exactly sound like a treat but it can be a great and healthy way to combat stress. A walk allows you to spend time with yourself and with nature. It is scientifically proven that exercising can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Make your walk fun and interesting by venturing some place you haven’t explored yet. You may be amazed by all that mother nature has to offer.

2. Play with animals

What is more relaxing than playing with puppies?? If you can’t have animals than this may be the perfect way to get your fix without all of the commitment.

3. Spa day

Whether it is at home or at an actual spa this is one of the best ways to treat yourself. Splurge on all the beauty products you can buy because you deserve it!! Treating yourself to a spa day will not only help your mental and emotional health but also do wonders for your physical self. Glowing skin and a bright mood go hand in hand!

4. Try a new restaurant

Go and try the restaurant you’ve been itching to visit. Gather a group of friends for a GNO or don’t be afraid to go by yourself, its important to get some me time and enjoy your own company every once in a while!

5. Buy some new bath products

How nice does it sound to come home from a long day at work or school and enjoy a nice relaxing bath?! Sounds pretty good to me! Bath products aren’t too expensive so you won’t be breaking the bank and they last for a while so you can “Treat Yo Self” a little on any day.

6. Buy the thing you’ve been eyeing for weeks

An outfit, a pair of shoes, a phone or a makeup palette, whatever it may be, buy it! This form of treating yourself isn’t something you can do all the time but every once in a while it’s nice to appreciate yourself. Whether you got a big promotion at work, a good grade on a test or just need a pick me up this is an excellent way to “Treat Yo Self”. Everybody deserves a special gift every so often and who says it can’t be from yourself?!

7. Start a new craft

While picking up a new hobby may seem daunting, it may actually be very rewarding. You’ll end up with a piece of art and some memories for sure. You can even make it a group activity and invite your girls over for some wine and crafts to make a night of it.

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8. See a movie

A movie is a casual and entertaining way to get your mind off of all the things that may be occupying your mind. Host a movie night in for some quality time thats also super cozy. (Also, a perfect time to “Treat Yo Self with a little junk food.)

9. Mani/Pedi

Having your nails done makes you instantly look and feel more put together. Get a power color, like red, to feel confident and ready to take on whatever challenges you may be facing.

10. Plan a trip

Taking a trip can be a nice breath of fresh air from your normal routine and half the fun of a trip is planning. Take a weekend, week or even longer to explore someplace you haven’t been or take some much needed time to visit one of your favorites.

Tell us your favorite way to “Treat Yo Self” in the comments!
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