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5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

If you have intense wanderlust but strapped for cash this summer, it’s still possible to travel with a budget and explore new places! Here are 5 practical ways you can travel with a budget this summer.

1. Go somewhere you can drive or take a train to

This is probably the most money-saving tip that would help you travel with a budget this summer. It’s a lot cheaper to spend money for gas rather than spending hundreds of dollars on round-trip airfare. Although it takes more time to get to your destination, one upside is that you can have fun making a long playlist and listening to it for your trip. Road trips and train rides are also a great and easy way to bond with friends if you want to make this a group adventure (remember that Harry, Ron, and Hermione met on a train to Hogwarts!). You also aren’t as limited on how much stuff you can bring with you, like you would on a plane by having to pay for extra luggage. With a bit of research, you’ll most likely find your new favorite “local” vacation spot.

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

2. Take advantage of student discounts

If you absolutely have to take a plane to where you want to go, make sure you take advantage of the many student discounts offered through websites like StudentUniverse that helps college students save money. This strategy can definitely save you a lot of money if you want to travel with a budget and allocate some of your money towards flights, hotels, tours, and activities for your trip. Although it helps you save money, the flights offered with discounts may not be the most convenient as it gathers the cheapest available, meaning red-eye flights or flights during unconventional hours. If you don’t mind that and keep a tunnel vision for your destination, utilizing discounts is definitely the way to go!

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

3. You can avoid hotels

If you don’t have enough money for both a flight or a hotel even with the student discounts, try to find a cheap Airbnb or hostels so you can effectively travel with a budget. Even though they can be just as nice, Airbnbs are generally cheaper than fancy hotels and the experience of staying in one would really make you feel like a local. Staying in a hostel is also a great way to save money and could also be an amazing opportunity to make new traveler friends! Some hostels would even let you work and do chores in exchange for staying for free. You don’t always have to spend a ton of money to get to where you want to see and explore!

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

4. Save eating at restaurants for special occasions

Spending money on food can really make a big hole in your wallet. Eating out at restaurants is generally way more expensive than buying ingredients and cooking your own food, especially since we eat multiple times a day! If you do choose to eat out and the portions are big enough, make sure to save some leftovers, so you aren’t paying for every single meal. For the times you want to cook for yourself, you should try to go to a local farmer’s market or grocery to see what kind of unique produce your destination has! Talking to locals about food is also a good idea, and they can probably help you out on where to find cheap eats.

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

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5. Don’t spend all your money on souvenirs…especially for other people

It’s super tempting to walk into a gift shop and want to buy everything for every person you know, but since you’re traveling with a budget and want to keep your money, that isn’t the smartest idea. I would limit to only one souvenir for one place you’re going to that’s really memorable or special to you, depending on your travel plans. You can also only get a few cheaper souvenirs like stickers, or keep any ticket stubs or free brochures as souvenirs. Remember that this is your trip with your money, so make sure to prioritize yourself and not go too crazy buying an engraved snow globe for your friend’s mom’s sister’s grandmother. They’ll totally understand anyway!

5 Ways To Travel With A Budget This Summer

Do you have any other ways to travel with a budget? Let us know in the comments below!

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