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Top 10 Ways To Tailgate During The Pandemic

Top 10 Ways To Tailgate During The Pandemic

Tailgating at Football games is an extremely fun thing to do! You can grill tasty foods while dressed in your teams colors as you watch said team absolutely crush their opponents. However, with many football teams taking this season off, traditional tailgating outside the football stadium is cancelled as well. However, there is still hope for tailgating! All you need to do is host your own tailgating party at your home. Decorate your house and invite your close friends over as you find ten ways to tailgate during a pandemic!

Set the mood

This is the most important thing to get right when you decide to begin tailgating from the comfort of your home. If you don’t already have some, go out and buy appropriate decorations for the house. The items you want are probably available at your local Walmart, but only if you live in the same state as your favorite team. If you don’t, your only option is to order them from your team’s online store. Have a football somewhere in the garage? Go find it and place it somewhere everyone will see. Also consider buying a foam finger or two to really get into the spirit! 

Grilled food

One of the best parts of tailgating is the food, right? Lots of people bring grills to the football stadiums where they cook delicious foods. The good news is, you can do this from home, too! Head to the store and buy lots of food that you can grill in your backyard as you listen to the sounds of the game coming from the living room. Just make sure that you have enough food to feed everyone! Also, like tailgating at colleges, you can invite people to hang out around the grill as you cook so they can enjoy both your company and the sweet smell of cooking food!


Have football reruns on

Unfortunately, this year there won’t be many new football games to watch. This is a shame, because watching your team play is one of the highlights of tailgating. There’s no need to worry, though! All you have to do is find reruns of your favorite games online! YouTube is a good spot to look for these, and the quality is usually pretty good. Even though these games are all reruns, you may not remember everything that happened during them, which will make the experience of re-watching them feel like new! Some recordings may even have the commercials cut out, so you can continue watching the game without any interruptions.

Football themed party games

In some ways, there are more creative tailgating options when you decide to do it from home. These home-specific options are football themed party games! There are so many different games to try that’ll get everyone in the excited for the game. One of the games you could try is a trivia game where each player will have to answer questions related to their favorite team! Include questions about specific players, or amazing moments from the team’s best games! Another really creative game you could try is ‘Who has the best pose?’ The object of this game is for each player to emulate the poses of their favorite football players. Whoever has the best pose wins the game!

Competition of best fan clothes

Sometimes, people come dressed up in amazing outfits for tailgating, so why not have a competition at your house to decide which of your guests is wearing the coolest clothes? Simply wearing your favorite player’s jersey won’t cut it, here! To win, you’ll have to come up with unique outfits that let everyone know that you’re the #1 fan! Consider painting your face in your team’s colors, or buying a huge amount of items from the team’s official store! A foam finger couldn’t hurt, either. Basically, the main rule you should take to heart is to be memorable. If you’re on everyone’s minds, you’ll win for sure!


Hook up multiple screens to watch different games at same time

One of the downsides to tailgating at a university is that you usually only watch one game. Wouldn’t it be cool to see multiple games at the same time? You can do this when you tailgate from home! Odds are that you have more than one tv at home, so why not place them side by side in the living room so you can get double the entertainment? When there’s a lull in one game (which can sometimes happen), all you have to do is look at the other screen! You can also control the volume on each tv with a nearby remote so that the you can understand what the announcers for each game are saying!


What’s a tailgating party without music? Not very fun, right? Before you start the game, play your team’s ‘fight’ song to get in the mood! If you can’t hear the music from every corner of your house, then it’s not loud enough! Let your entire neighborhood know how pumped you are to watch some football (even if they’re all reruns). If you want some variety in your music, then look up what songs are played during the live games and play them yourself! Sing along to the songs as you prepare for the actual game! 

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Invite lots of friends

Even with all the effort you’re putting into the party, it can start to feel pretty lonely if it’s just you and a couple other people. If this happens, it’ll start to feel less and less like tailgating. No one wants that. To make sure that this never becomes a problem, be absolutely sure to invite as many people as possible! Do you only have a couple friends in the area? No problem, just invite the people from down the street! They’ll probably be wanting to come over anyway once they hear your party starting! If you’re worried about catching the virus from anyone, have the party on the front lawn and move the tv into the doorway so everyone can see it!


You can’t have a tailgating party without drinks! It’s, like, eating a cake without any icing. You just don’t do it. Ensure that each of your guests always has a drink at hand by loading up on a wide collection of beers! If you have to, make some room in your fridge to keep them all cold. No one wants to drink a warm beer. To keep things all the guests out of the kitchen where you’re preparing the food, send someone out to take drink orders. This is also a great way to keep guests out of your house during the pandemic.

Play Touch Football on the front lawn

If you’re not too concerned about the pandemic, consider playing some touch football with your guests. One of the good things about tailgating from home is that you have a lot of empty space where you can play. This isn’t really the case when hanging out by your car outside the stadium. Take advantage of the cancelled football season by seeing who the best players are among you and your friends! You can even give a reward for the winning team. One idea for a reward is to offer the entire winning team the best seats in front of the tv!


So, what’d you think of these tailgating ideas? Are you going to do any of these when you tailgate this fall? If so, what? Let us know in the comments below!