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10 Ways To Subtly Turn Him On

10 Ways To Subtly Turn Him On

10 Ways To Subtly Turn Him On

Men are visual creatures, that is a fact. It does not take much effort to turn on a guy; just put on a sexy dress and you’re good to go! However, there are multiple ways to get the heat on in a more subtle and not necessarily super sexual or physical way! Here are 10 ways to subtly turn him on.

1. Wearing Red

Everyone knows that red is the color of love and passion, which usually suggests sex as well. It is a super simple way to turn a guy on and look sexy without doing anything sexual! Red will instantly get his attention and he won’t be able to get his gaze (and mind) off of you!

2. Eye Contact and Body Language

Nothing is sexier than good eye contact and body language when talking to a cute guy. It shows that you are interested in what he has to say and it will create a super sexual tension by looking deep into those eyes! You can even do the subtle eyebrow raise once in a while to get that sexy playfulness going! When talking, make sure your body is facing him and that you have open posture; it will instantly give a vibe that you are into him!

3. Letting Your Hair Down

Most men, according to research, prefer women with long locks. It doesn’t mean that pixies, messy buns, and short cuts aren’t sexy, but letting your hair down will instantly make men do a double take! Brushing through your hair and doing slight flips now and then also will grab that attention on you; it is super feminine as well as subtly flirty!

4. Light Touches

During a date or conversation, it is a major turn on for guys when a girl gently touches them once in a while. Doing that arm brush or “accidental” leg bump will definitely get the heat going and he will be thinking about more!

5. Hugging

That warm hello and goodbye hug is a sweet but also kinda sexy way to subtly turn him on! Let that hug linger on for a moment as he feels your body (aka boobs) pressing against his; you can also let your hands wander a bit on his back. It. Will. Drive. Him. Crazy.

6. Deep Conversation

Getting into a deep conversation about life, love, sex, you name it, can be an extremely sexy way to subtly turn a guy on! Men usually love an intelligent woman, and if he is able to hold a long and meaningful convo with her; it is instant attraction. You gotta fall in love with the mind as well as the looks!

7. Humble Confidence

Anyone will agree that confidence for both men and women is one of the sexiest turn ons. However, if one is too cocky, it can be an instant turn off! Being humble/modest but confident at the same time is a great, attractive quality for both genders! Most men will agree that it is definitely a big turn on.

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8. Dirty Innocence

When a girl is being an innocent lady with a touch of subtle dirtiness can be a huuuge turn on for a guy! It is very easy to be sleazy with revealing clothes and obvious innuendos, but when a girl can play that *oops, my dress came up a bit too high when getting up, but I don’t mind* look, guys will instantly have their minds wandering! Men love a lady in public, but a dirty girl in the mind 😉

9. Being Considerate

Another subtle turn on for men is just being considerate! Offering to cook, making sure his family is doing well, being on time for a date etc. is super sexy and shows maturity which men go crazy for!

10. Wearing Heels

A kind of obvious but still sort of subtle way to turn a guy on is simply wearing those sexy high heels. Heels elongate your legs and lift that booty up which is extremely aesthetically pleasing and hot! You really cant go wrong with this one, so whenever you want to turn the sex appeal up, just put on those pumps!

There are a lot of obvious physical ways to turn men on sexually, but sometimes the more subtle hints you give, the more their imagination wanders! What are some other subtle ways to turn him on?

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