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10 Ways To Style Your Scarf And Make Your Outfit Pop

10 Ways To Style Your Scarf And Make Your Outfit Pop

As the weather starts to cool off and you start reaching for your favorite fall accessory. Learn some new ways to style your scarf this fall to bring an extra element to your outfits and make them pop. Thin fashion scarves, thick blanket scarves, and everything in-between there’s a tip for you no matter how you decide to style your scarf.

1. Ascot

Fashion scarves are a trendy accessory at the moment but do you know all the ways to style them? A great starting point is tying your scarf as an ascot around your neck. You can loop as many times as you feel comfortable with and keep your knot as loose or tight as you like.


2. Backwards Ascot

This is basically the same look as an ascot but instead of having the knot and tie hanging in the front of your body you rotate it to the back. This is a great way to add detail to outfits especially when your hair is an updo.

3. Loose Knot In Hair

This is quickly becoming a classic way to style your scarf. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail or bun and loosely tie the scarf around the hair. This classes up and hairstyle and adds detail to plain outfits.


4. Hair Bow

In a similar style to the loose knot, you want to secure the scarf around your hair and then tie it into an oversized bow. This takes a classic childhood look and adds an adult spin to it.

5. Hair Wrap

This scarf style is great for those bad hair days! Simply pull your hair back and cover your roots with the scarf laying flat before tying the corners into a knot. This simple trick can save any bad hair day and make your outfit even more fashionable.


6. Layered

Who knew you could rock a scarf overtop a chunky turtleneck? This is a great way to take a plain sweater to the next level. A turtleneck will cover up any sort of accessory that you would usually have around your neck but it doesn’t have to. Adding an interesting printed scarf brings more to this classic outfit.

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7. Over The Shoulder

To style your scarf like this you need to lay your scarf over one shoulder, loop it around your neck, having it hang off the back of the same shoulder. This look is a great way to wear an oversized scarf without it overshadowing the rest of your outfit.


8. The Classic

The most established way to style your scarf is just to wear it hanging in the front of the body with one loop around the neck. This style is perfect to class up an outfit and to add some much-needed warmth to whatever your wearing.

9. Knotted

This look builds on the classic scarf style but instead of a simple loop around the neck, you knot one end of the scarf. This adds detail and structure to your outfit and is a great way to make a plain scarf more interesting.


10. Open

Taking an oversized scarf and simply laying it over your shoulders will give you this style. This is great for long and large scarfs, like blanket scarfs. The best part about this style is that you can easily wrap your scarf around you like a blanket as soon as it gets cold. This style is great for winter and fall classes or staying warm and comfy in the library.

How will you style your scarf? Let us know your favorite styles and share your scarf stories in the comments below.

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