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8 Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Heat

8 Ways To Style Your Hair Without Using Heat

Knowing how to style your hair without heat is so important when heat can damage your hair. Here's how you can style it without the burn!

Styling your hair with heat can make it look great, but over time it can cause damage to your hair and during summer months, who wants to bother, right? We’ve found eight ways to style your hair without using heat, so hopefully you will find a styling tip that suits you!

1. No Heat Beach Waves

Everyone wants awesome beachy waves because they look great on just about everyone and it gives you that effortless look that actually takes some effort. has a great tutorial for how to get those beachy waves without using heat.

2. No Heat Curls

Love wearing your hair curly but hate using a curling iron every day? This YouTuber provides four different types of curls you can create with your hair without using heat! From loose and flowy to super tight curls, this girl has got you covered!


3. Super Long Ponytail

Want to make your hair look extra long without waiting for it to grow out? The blog over at Free People has a solution for you. The trick is to create two ponytails; one right under the other, so that it creates the illusion of a super long pony! It’s a super easy way to style your hair without using heat.

4. Upside Down French Braid High Bun

Want a classy, sophisticated way to style your hair without using heat? Look no further than this tutorial from


5. Double Rope Bun

This is another way to style your hair without using heat: the double rope bun. It is an up-do bun that has a tutorial for. You split your hair into two sections, braid them into ropes and place them up in a bun. It looks super chic, so be sure to try is out!

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6. Twisted Side Braid

This is a gorgeous look for those who love braided hairstyles. It can be found on It involves creating a braid with the back side of your hair and then twisting the front part back and blending it into the braid. The end result is pretty stunning!


7. Half-Up Bun

This effortless style is oh so popular with women who are fans of second day hair. All you have to do is spray in some dry shampoo to keep your roots from being greasy and pull the front part of your hair into a high bun. The look can be found over on Allure‘s website.

8. The Teased Half Updo

The half updo is a great look on its own, but a teased half updo is a little bit fancier for those special occasions. The best part is, you can easily use this style on your hair without using heat! The website has the tutorial for this look, so be sure to check it out.

Did you try out one of these ways to style your hair without using heat? Let us know in the comments!
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