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5 Ways to Style Your Doc Martens Regardless of the Season

5 Ways to Style Your Doc Martens Regardless of the Season

5 Ways to Style Your Doc Martens Regardless of the Season

Doc Martens are my ABSOLUTE favorite shoe choice right now, and they are clearly incredibly popular! Being that I wear mine nearly every single day, it’s important to have different ways to style them.

Here are five of my best style pairings that will make you a “Doc Marten Style Sensation” regardless of the season!

With Cropped Jeans

Something about a pair of Doc Martens styled with cropped jeans just SCREAMS fashion in my book. If you are able to find a pair of jeans that are cropped perfectly to hit the very top of your Doc Marten boot, that is even better! I find that this style pairing is a simple, yet extremely relevant fashion look. If your Doc Martens are black, adding a color pop with a pair of colored kick flare cropped jeans is a great option, but you simply cannot go wrong with any choice of denim wash.


With a Short Skirt

Pairing your Doc Martens with a short little mini skirt is SUCH a look. Whether you decide on an grungy look with something like a short, plaid skirt, or work to make them a bit more girly by pairing them with a floral, flowy mini skirt, it is a great look no matter what. This is a great way to still get use out of your Doc Marten boots even in the heat of the summer! However, you are also able to pair a short skirt with tights and your Doc Martens as we transition into the colder seasons! Skirts are a fun way to embrace your feminine sprit, and pairing them with Doc Martens brings the perfect edge! This is definitely a look worth trying.

With a Midi Dress

I am a HUGE fan of midi dresses right now, so there is no doubt that this list would be complete without including it as a styling option. I find that adding Doc Martens to a midi dress dress outfit creates a harmonious balance of classic street style and classy sophistication. One of my favorite choices is a button down midi dress, a denim jacket, and a cool pair of Doc Martens. Whether you are rocking a pair of cherry red Doc Martens or a patent leather black pair, they can be perfectly combined with your favorite midi dress! This is the perfect example of an extremely comfortable outfit that is full of both style and character!


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With Plaid Trousers

If you own Doc Martens, it is a MUST that you also own a pair of plaid trousers. This is a style pairing that is perfect for nearly any occasion and definitely any season! I find that a pair of baggy, cropped plaid trousers tends to look best with my Doc Martens, but this does not mean that you cannot have fun playing with different lengths and cuts of trousers! As for the top portion of this style portion, I would stick with something simple, such as a graphic tee or cropped sweater! Regardless of how you decide to make this look your own, I highly recommend pairing your Doc Martens with plaid trousers!


With an Oversized Coat

While it might seem as though pairing an oversized coat with anything is a look specific to the winter, but this is not necessarily the case. I love playing with different pieces by pairing an oversized coat with a mini dress and obviously Doc Martens! This is a look that you can wear throughout the fall or spring, and you can easily warm it up with some tights for the winter! Regardless of exactly how you decide to style your oversized coat and Doc Martens, you are sure to be a fashion icon!

Now that you have some outfit ideas with your Doc Martens, hopefully you are inspired to get a little out of your fashion comfort zone! Are you a fan of these looks? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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