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5 Ways To Style Leather

5 Ways To Style Leather

In case you didn’t already know, everybody is wearing leather nowadays. If you are lost on where to begin your leather style journey, you have come to the right place! We will get you started with 5 different ways to style leather.

1. Black Leather Trousers

An essential part of any leather style outfit would be a pair of chic leather trousers! These can be worn in practically any way and you will look trendy no matter what. If you want to go for a more casual look, you are going to want to opt for something such as a simple white top or even a graphic tee; something about pairing an everyday tee with a pair of shiny leather trousers makes your outfit look both stylish and cool. Blazers are another wonderful companion with leather trousers; you can choose to match with one of leather material or contrast with another material, either way, you will look fashionable and trendy. One of our favorite combinations with leather trousers has to be with a sleek bodysuit and a pair of modish heels. This look can be done in a monochrome way or not but no matter which direction you go in, a bodysuit and heels matched with leather trousers will create one of the classiest ensembles you can go for. The best part about leather trousers is that you really can’t go wrong no matter what you pair with them; you could wear sneakers, boots, or heels all while wearing whatever else to dress up or down your outfit.


2. Leather Blazer As A Mini Dress

Next up on leather style: Spicing it up and wearing your leather blazer as a mini dress! This look is not only different, but it is also a flirty and fun twist to otherwise more traditional outfits. To start off, you have to ensure that the blazer you are using is oversized, but that is self-explanatory. One way to go about this is to throw on your oversized blazer and then tie a belt around your waist for a more fitted dress look. Some jackets may already come with a belt, or you will throw on one of your own for a personalized touch. If you are not really into the belt look but still want to pull off the mini dress look, try taking a recipe out of Hailey Bieber’s book and create the illusion of a mini dress. You can do this by pairing your oversized leather blazer with an actual mini dress of the same length as the jacket; this will create the illusion of the blazer itself being the dress and you can decide whether or not you’d like to button it up. The best shoes to complement this look would probably be a pair with heels, whether that be a pair of heeled boots or heeled sandals either way works. This will add height and make your legs look longer, which is always a bonus when wearing a mini dress. Step out of your comfort zone and try out this flirtatious leather style!

3. Leather Skirts

Leather style is all about adding edge to an outfit, and the perfect way to do the trick is to throw on a leather skirt. This is another item of clothing that is easy to dress up or down depending on the look you are going for. For a more dressed-up look, you could choose to wear your skirt with a slick bodysuit, blouse, or a classy blazer. You really can never go wrong with a monochrome style when it comes to leather; matching the shiny leather material with a cloth top of the same color looks elegant while still keeping that edgy touch. Tucking in whichever top you are wearing if you opt-out of choosing a bodysuit is the best way to go, this ensures a more sleek look that gives a classy twist to leather. Of course, you may pair your leather skirt with a graphic tee; this is a fun way to show off your leather style, and you can finish the outfit with sneakers or platform shoes. Wear a cool pair of sunglasses or some gleaming gold jewelry to complement your leather skirt and complete the outfit. When it comes to adding some style to any ensemble, leather skirts are the way to go.


4. Leather Jacket With A Long Dress

Another important aspect of leather style is to prove that it goes with just about everything. A rockstar leather jacket paired with a girly sundress is practically the perfect combination. Not only does it add a super edgy twist to an otherwise simple and flirty long dress, but it can also be used to tone down an outfit if you are wanting a more casual look. Pairing your leather jacket with prints such as floral dresses or animal prints adds an extra layer of spice to your ensemble. The unexpected combination of a long dress with a modern, shiny leather jacket is one that will have people’s jaws dropping as you walk through the streets. If you want to keep that edgy look, opt for a sundress that includes a flirty slit on the legs; this look is trendy and super cute! Be sure to complement this outfit with sneakers or boots to ensure you keep that casual look and finish it off with an edgy pair of sunglasses.

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5. Leather Leggings With A Sweater

A comfy twist to leather style is matching leather leggings with a cute and cozy sweater! This modest look is a lot more comfortable than the others we listed today while still being incredibly trendy with the addition of stylish leather. Mixing materials such as shiny leather and a thick wool sweater is always the way to go, especially if you want to go monochrome. The big fuzzy sweater matched with tight stylish pants provides the perfect combination for a fashionable outfit that you can style in any way you would like to! For an even classier look, opt for a pair of brown leather leggings which are perfect for any chic outfit. There is an unlimited amount of directions you can take with this idea; a turtle neck paired with a pair of white sneakers for a more put-together look or an oversized soft top for a more relaxed look. Not only that, but you will also be far more comfortable in stretchy leggings than in pants like leather trousers. If you hesitated before, here is your sign: Go purchase a pair of leather leggings in any color you would like and match them with your absolute favorite sweater!


It’s time for you to take control and design your own stunning leather attire! Return to this page for additional assistance if you are in need of inspiration.