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5 Ways To Style Flannels This Winter

5 Ways To Style Flannels This Winter

Flannels in the wintertime are such a staple wardrobe piece! They are so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways to compliment your own, individualistic and unique style! If you are like me, that means you have at least 5 different colored flannels in your closet at this very moment.

You probably don’t want to wear them the same way either– you might want to spice things up! I have the perfect cute styling tips and tricks for you! These 5 different ways to style flannels are tried and true and so necessary for amping up for funky style this winter! 

Keep reading to find the best ways to style those super cute flannels of yours!


1. Use Patchwork Flannels!

My first suggestion is not necessarily a style, but it can be a DIY or also just a buying recommendation for you. Try out patchwork flannels! Oh my gosh these are so cute, and so on trend (if Urban Outfitters sells them, you know they’re a popular style). 

Basically, patchwork flannels consist of multiple different colors and patterns of plaid or checkered, and it can be in any sort of arrangement. From color block to a cohesive blend of colors, patchwork is so versatile! 


You can style this any way, but just by owning a piece or two of anything patchwork, your outfit has already improved so much! You can wear this flannel around your waist, as a shirt, underneath a shirt, or in any of the other ways I will talk about in the next couple of ideas!

This patchwork idea also does not necessarily need to apply to just a jacket– a lot of super cute boutiques and webstores sell patchwork flannel dresses or skirts and pants too! Definitely give these flannels a try!


2. “Hipster” Look

The second suggestion for styling flannels that I have, is for a cute, hipster sort of look! Essentially, it’s bringing back the skinny jeans look with a flannel tied around your waist! This look is so cute, and it’s definitely not done as much anymore, in a stylish manner.

The mom generation has overtaken the “tied around your waist” method, but I say we, as a surge of stylish college students, take it over again and bring back the hipster look! Pair the waist flannel with a beanie, some Aviator sunglasses and some ripped skinny jeans, and you already have an iconic look!

This way to style flannels is also so nice because it allows your flannel to be a statement piece! If you were wearing a boring outfit you can throw on a green flannel around your waist and it adds a pop of color to spice up your look! 


3. Underneath A Baggy Tee!

This next styling suggestion is to wear your flannels underneath a t-shirt! This is such a cute and unique look and is definitely something that is not done enough! My favorite go-to is one of my black and white flannels, underneath any old band tee that I have!

This look is so cute, but it also adds a little funk as it’s a fun spin on the regular collared shirt underneath a sweater vibe. One place that is super inexpensive to buy flannels from (especially during the fall and winter seasons), is Target! 


I know you might be skeptical of buying clothes from Target, but I have for years, and their new Wild Fable brand is such nice quality! I bought two of my go-to flannels from Target, and they have lasted me two years (and counting)!

Definitely give this look a try! And don’t be scared to try something knew with your style… if all else fails, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!


4.  Baggy “Grunge” Look

One of my last suggestions is a baggier, grunge look! Essentially you just throw on an XL flannel, over some baggier tees and jeans, and call it a day. Although this seems super plain and simple, it’s all in the accessorizing and confidence! 

I use this look all the time especially in the winter season! It started out as just essential layering because it was so cold (for the first time ever in San Diego), and I needed the extra warmth that wearing flannels would supply, but then it became a style thing!

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One of my go-to outfits is sporting my baggy jeans that I thrifted (they are black by the brand International Bodies, and they are the sickest jeans I have and probably will ever own), pairing those with my brown striped long sleeve from Brandy Melville, tossing on a baggy band t-shirt from my local record store, and throwing on a black and white flannel that I got from Target!

This outfit is so affordable, yet so, so cute! You can add a bunch of rings and stainless-steel chains with cuffs and bracelets galore if you wanted to complete this grunge look, or you can make it individual to you with your own style of accessorizing! 

Give this way of wearing flannels a try! You won’t regret it.


5. Bring Back 2014 Tumblr!

My last suggestion to style your flannels, is to bring back 2014 Tumblr! This style is super similar to that of the hipster flannel look, but it always is paired with a cheesy graphic t-shirt– the Tumblr staple! 

To rock this look, grab whatever graphic tee you have in your closet, throw on some skinny jeans (preferrable ripped ones), and tie the flannel around your waist! Usually, this look is complete with an up-do hairstyle like a bun or a ponytail, or braids too!


Give this look a try and let Society 19 know how it worked for you! 

Overall, flannels are one of the more versatile pieces that add so much to your looks! Add one of these staple pieces to your wardrobe and give these styling tips a shot! Remember to accessorize to let your personal funk glow, and you’ll look rocking for this continuous winter season!


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