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15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

Scarves a great accessory that help you add your own style to any outfit. Scarves are a staple in your Winter wardrobe because of their versatility. This list will help you think of creative ideas to switch up the way you normally style scarves. Knowing how to style a scarf is the key to putting together cute Winter outfits all season long. After all, accessories are a girl’s best friend.

1. Traditional loop

 You fold the scarf in half and then wrap it around your neck. You take one end of the scarf and pull it through the loop you have created on the other side. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to throw on a scarf.

2. Infinity scarf

These circle scarves are also an easy route to take. They are already in a circle formation, so you just put them on over your head. For colder days, you can twist the scarf and wrap it over you again to get a warmer feel. These scarves come in so many textures, colors and patterns. 

3. Simple wrap around

This is the most common way to wear a scarf around your neck. To do this style, you simply put the scarf around your neck and twist it around once. Then, leave the ends down to hang. This is a classic way to style a scarf that will never go out of style.

4. Neck loop

This is a way to make a normal scarf look like an infinity scarf. You simply put it on and then wrap it around your neck until all of the fabric has been used. You can either tie the ends together to secure it or fasten it with a safety pin or clip. 

5. Square scarf

These scarves look great when folded in half diagonally, which creates two triangles. The point of the triangle then goes pointing down on your chest and you wrap the ends around your neck. This gives a cute, slouchy look to any outfit. This type of scarf looks great over sweaters or jackets as well. 

15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

6. Shawl

Larger scarves can be worn draped over the shoulders. They provide comfort, while also still looking cute and chic. Depending on the fabric of the scarf, this style can also provide extra warmth to your outfit as well.

7. Hair scarf

Scarves look super cute in hair as well. They can be wrapped around the head to keep hair out of your way, while also making you look sophisticated. This is a great look when paired with large sunglasses.

8. Wrap around ponytail

This look works especially well for silk scarves. To add flair to a pulled back hairstyle, simply tie the scarf around your hair elastic to cover the band. This adds a fun twist to an otherwise common hairstyle. A fun scarf can spice up a high or low ponytail or even a bun. Adding a scarf will only take a few seconds, but adds a lot to your look.

15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

9. Wrist accessory

Again, this style works best for silk scarves. You can fold them up and tie them around your wrist in the fashion of a bracelet. It’s a simple touch, but can add needed flair to simple outfits. It also looks a lot more put together than having a common hair elastic on your wrist.

10. Purse accessory

This is a unique way to style a scarf that must people do not think of. Scarves can be tied around the handles of your handbag to give it a little personal touch. It can be a very cute touch, which also allows you to easily identify your purse. This can also give you a place to store your scarf when you get tired of wearing it. 

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11. Draped around neck

The simplest of all the styles. Scarves can just be wrapped around your neck with the two ends hanging down on both sides. This look is effortless, but still looks like you put in the time to incorporate accessories into your outfit.

12. Patterned scarf

Patterned scarves can add color and fun to any outfit. However, they look best with more plain outfits, so you don’t end up overdoing it. Animal prints have been all the rage lately and animal print scarves can be a great Winter staple. I recommend saving patterned scarves for pairing with a T-shirt and jeans or leggings. The pattern will be the focal point of the outfit, so keep the rest casual. 

13. Blanket scarf

These scarves get their name from their large size and comfort level. They can be worn more like a shawl or a poncho, since they are so large. They are great for colder days. Pairing one with a warm jacket will ensure you stay warm and cozy throughout your day. 

15 Ways To Style A Scarf This Coming Winter

14. Travel blanket

Scarves are a great thing to have on hand because of their usefulness. Scarves can be great for car rides and plane rides alike. You can drape them over you to keep comfortable while traveling or just when you’re outdoors. This is different than the other ways to style a scarf, but proves just how multipurpose they are.

15. Twist

This look is achieved by folding your scarf in half and simply twisting your scarf tightly before putting it on. This adds a fun texture and makes your look more unique. This is another twist on a way to style a scarf that just spices up your average scarf.

Every girl needs to have at least one scarf in their closet for the upcoming colder seasons. They are so versatile and the many ways you can style them ensure you will get your use out of them. Scarves can add a lot to your outfit. Aside from being worn around the neck; they can also be used in your hair, wrapped around your purse and more. The options are really endless, but it all just starts with having one great scarf! Comment your favorite scarves and how you style them down below.

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