10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

There are few articles of clothing as versatile as a plain white tee. A plain white tee can be dressed up, dressed down, and thrown on without any worry. They can be chic, they can be comfy, and they’re a must-have in any cool girl’s wardrobe. However, despite how versatile a plain white tee is, often times we get stuck pairing it with jeans and sneakers. And although that’s a classic look, there are so many other ways to style a white tee shirt.

1. With a Denim Jacket + Accessories

A denim jacket is as classic as a plain white tee, so it makes sense to pair the two. Add some flare to this outfit by incorporating some accessories: jewelry, a scarf, a bangin’ bag. Jazz up your denim by personalizing it with patches and pins.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

2. With a Flirty Skirt + Sandals

This outfit is all about summer time! A plain white tee looks great when paired with a mini skirt with a cute detail. A white tee is the perfect vehicle for anything patterned because it really lets the clothes shine. Pair with sandals and your favorite sunglasses for a look that is quintessentially summer.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

3. With Biker Shorts

Biker shorts have become super popular lately. They’re so effortless, and they look great when paired with any tee–from basic white to your favorite band tee. Biker shorts are perfect for when you’ve got a yoga sesh at eleven but have a runway to walk at four.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

4. With a Slip Dress

We usually associate a slip dress with date night or a girl’s night at the club. But if you’ve got a favorite dress you are just dying to wear, layer it over a white tee for an easy, breezy daytime look. Sneakers and a denim jacket dress this outfit down, and for a quick transition from day to night, slip off the tee, replace your sneakers with heels and voilà! You’re ready for the club.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

5. With a Denim Skirt

Another classic look. This look is perfect for the summer and the spring, but add some tights and it instantly becomes a great fall look. Denim skirts and white tees are a perfect pair because the look is chic yet laid back. Throw on sneakers to dress it down, and boots or heels for date night.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

6. With a Leather Jacket + Distressed Jeans

First off, leather jackets look cool with any outfit. So it’s no surprise that the combination of a white tee shirt and leather jacket made this list. Add a pair of distressed jeans, and you’ve gone from bad day to badass.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

7. With Animal Print + Boots

When wearing animal print, you always want that piece of clothing to stand out. So pairing it with a white tee means that all the attention will be on the print. Add a pair of biker boots, (and, dare I say, a leather jacket?), and you’re on your way to either NYFW or to the Hell’s Angel’s Biker Clubhouse.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

8. With a Structured Blazer

A structured blazer is a must-have for every women’s wardrobe. These jackets are as versatile as a white tee because they can be dressed down and dressed up, perfect for brunch and for the interview you’re hoping to ace later. The minute your prospective boss sees you in this ‘fit, she’ll offer you the job.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

9. (Hand Cropped) With Denim Shorts

This is about as laid back as you can get. Not happy with the length of a white tee shirt, or are you just desperate to make it a little more unique? Crop it! Show a little belly and some leg for a summery look that shows off your tan and your scissor skills.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

10. With Jeans + Heels

Arguably, the most classic partner for a plain white tee shirt are jeans. They’re best friends. And although its a classic look, there are ways to jazz it up a little. Pair this outfit with heels for an understated look. Add some dramatic jewelry and a great purse for a complete look.

10 Ways To Style A Plain White Tee

Because they’re so versatile, a plain white tee can literally be paired with anything–denim, leather, heels or sneakers. Let us know in the comments below your favorite way to rock a white tee shirt.

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