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8 Ways To Still Enjoy Summer Under Quarantine

8 Ways To Still Enjoy Summer Under Quarantine

Although our sense of time might be completely warped, summer is still right around the corner. Of course, we now have to face the reality of summer being a completely different one than we are used to. Even without baseball games and late-night barbecues with friends, here are some ways to make the most of summer in the middle of a pandemic. 

1. Get outside

When the sun is shining and the weather is at a perfect temperature, it’s highly important to get outside and soak up as much of the sunshine as you can (safely of course with plenty of sunscreen). This can definitely be a helpful way of breaking up your routine and feelings of being trapped within your home. Take some time in your backyard to read, cook and enjoy a couple of meals even with a lot fewer people. At least if you suntan in your backyard, you will always be sure to have a good spot. Say hi to your neighbors from a distance if you really need some human interaction.

2. Stay active

If you don’t have a backyard or outdoor space of your own, you should still make it a point to stay active in some way outdoors this summer. Go for a walk or run around the block or any other activity that you can safely do by yourself. The great part about running is that if you see someone approaching you, that can be your cue to start running faster. Staying active can also take your mind off everything that is going on. It’s undoubtedly a stressful time, so it’s important to take care of yourself mentally and physically. You also don’t have to do anything high intensity. Just by walking around the block and listening to music or a podcast, you will already be doing a great job of staying active. 


3. Open up the grill

Having a barbecue and eating outdoors has always been indicators that summer has arrived. Even under quarantine, this doesn’t mean that this tradition has to stop. You can still use this opportunity to learn some new summer recipes to make for enjoying in your backyard. If you want to still pack some food to have a picnic, you could still do so as long as you remain 6 feet away from anyone else in any nearby parks. To make your backyard feel a little bit less lonely, you can always have a video chat with your friends to have your own virtual barbecue. 8 Ways To Still Enjoy Summer Under Quarantine

4. Movie Marathons

Even though it’s summer, you don’t have to spend every waking moment outside. There’s nothing better than being welcomed by the cold bliss of an air-conditioned room when it’s just too hot outside. For days like this, movie marathons can make for a fun day inside. We also recommend going all out with movie theater snacks (without the movie theater prices), dimming the lights and putting your phone away to really enhance the experience. Also, getting some friends together on a video chat to enjoy your favorite movies together is a fun way to still be able to hang out for a fun summer night. 

5. Gardening

Moving back to your outdoor space, since you will be spending more time at your home, it will definitely be worth it to decorate your space to look amazing. One of the ways you can decorate your backyard is by planting some flowers. The bright and vibrant colors will undoubtedly make the outdoor space one that you will want to spend a lot of time in. This can also be a new skill that you can come out of quarantine with if you want! 8 Ways To Still Enjoy Summer Under Quarantine

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6. Embrace virtual reality

Unfortunately, one of the things we must give up during this current pandemic is traveling for obvious reasons. While we can not physically go to the places we want to, technology can come in handy in case we want to create our own type of vacation. Finding natural sounds of the beach online can create the feeling that you are lying down in the sand with the waves gently crashing in the distance. The relaxing sounds of the rainforest can also make you feel as though you are in a completely different part of the world. Using headphones are highly recommended to get the most out of the effect.  It is nowhere near the real thing, but it’s as close as we can get right now. You also save a lot of money on airline tickets if that’s any incentive. 

7. Host a virtual concert

Are you musically inclined or know someone who is? Having a virtual concert through a live stream or video chat is a fun way to show off your talents while summer concerts are all being postponed. Live music is certainly one of the most essential parts of summer and a pandemic should not stop people coming together through the power of music. Whether you have to dig out an instrument you haven’t touched in ages or download an app, playing music in front of your friends can make for a fun evening. Even if you are live streaming your talents by yourself, at least you will have a virtual audience who will be sure to share their love in the comments! Bonus points if you hold this virtual concert outdoors as the sun is setting. 


8. Host virtual gatherings

In times like these, we really need to feel connected to our loved ones. It can make a great difference to feel like you still have people to talk and joke around with. While you can not hang out in real life, the next best thing is to have a party virtually. This means getting all dressed up and maybe even cleaning up your space a little. Even if you are not going anywhere, it still feels nice to go all out with your outfit and break the routine a little. You can make your own dinner and pour yourself a drink of choice and sit down with everyone and talk. Even though things seem grim sometimes, we still have people in our lives, birthdays to celebrate and laughter to be shared. 8 Ways To Still Enjoy Summer Under Quarantine

How are you planning on spending the summer while under quarantine? Have other ideas of how we can still enjoy summer while social distancing? Let us know in the comments!