10 Ways To Stay Organized With A Busy Schedule

Most young adults in college love it but it is certainly a challenge staying organized and productive because there are a number of distractions that can grab our attention. You all have different lifestyles and some things will be a great fit for you and some will not. Remember that taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Having an organized life is something that can be done with a little self-discipline and confidence!

1. Stay Motivated

It’s so important to stay motivated enough to tackle the mess in your life. If you don’t, when the going gets tough you will get sloppy and the disorganization will return and take over. Make a list of why you want a clean, organized, and manageable life. Stick this list up on the wall where you will see it each day when you start to feel unmotivated.

2. Download A Planner App or Buy A Paper Planner

It is important that you use only one planner. If you have a planner app and a paper planner eventually some tasks will get forgotten or left out, so use just one for all your plans. Keep your planner with you and stick to your plans. If you write a task down, get it done. Plan at least one week out or for one month at a time if that works better for you. This way you can see in advance what you need to accomplish and plan accordingly.

3. If You Are In College Save All Your Syllabi

To stay organized, save all of your syllabi. Annotate the important assignments and things you need to remember for the entire course. Making an assignment list will help you stay organized especially if you have several classes at one time. Make a list for each day of what is due in all of your syllabi.

4. To-Do-Lists

Keep a task list every day and write it in your planner so you can stay on track with your daily tasks. Whether you are a morning person or a late riser pick a wake up time and stick with it to the best of your ability. If you start your day later than usual it can throw you off and you won’t get as much accomplished as you normally would. Waking up at the same time each day will help you get into a set schedule.

5. Figure Out Your Most Productive Time

Figure out what time of the day is the most productive for you. For some people, it is the morning but for others, it is late afternoon. Optimize this time for productivity and work so you can get the most out of your time.

6. Clean Policy

At the end of every day, try to have a clean desk with just your computer, lamp, or books on it, and no clutter. This will keep your room tidy and make it easier to find things you need in the morning. The same goes for the floor. Do your best to not have any clutter on the floor during the week so it is easier to get and find everything you need.

7. Have A Note Taking System

It doesn’t matter what kind of notes you use, color-coded, or Cornell notes–just make sure you adopt a system for taking notes and stick to it. This will make it easier for you to review notes at a later time.

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8. Use The 8/8/8 Method To Balance Your Life

Using the 8/8/8 Method to sleep for eight hours a day, spend eight hours working, and eight hours for the rest of your life. This will balance your days into being as productive as possible.

9. Self-Control

Use an app that keeps you from spending too much time on certain social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you should be working. These apps are free and can be customized to block any website you need to be blocked.

10. Label Your Charger Cords With The Same Color Washi Tape

Using a particular washi tape color on cords for the same electronics can help you to know what to unplug when you are in a rush. Washi tape also adds the bonus of helping keep all your cords untangled!

Try these tips and suggestions to help you stay more organized and become extremely productive with the time you have in your busy schedule. How do you stay organized? What ideas would you like to try? What ideas do you have about staying organized with a busy schedule? Please like, comment, and share with all your friends and family!

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DeAnna Johnson

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