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15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

Your life is a mess, and your piling laundry bin isn’t helping. One way to get rid of stress is to stay organized because then you know that even that your life is a mess, everything in it isn’t a mess and you have control over that.

1. Get Rid Of Trash

This is probably the most important step to stay organized. Set a time to go through your desk, closet, backpack… Make a pile of things you should keep, give away, and throw out. Sometimes you might not know if it should be thrown out so ask yourself if the object makes you happy and if you’re going to be using it. You’ll end up with fewer things to organize.

2. A Couple Minutes Every Day

Give yourself around 10-15 minutes to reorganize something small. The more you slightly organize on the daily will help you to stay organized for a longer time and you’ll get more used to knowing where things go each time you put things away.

3. Color

This one of the most fun ways to stay organized. If what you’re organizing has things that are colorful, make piles of things that are the same color and keep them together. Then, when you put everything together with the new color coordination, you’ll have an easier time finding something when you need it and it’ll also be a lot more fun to look at.

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

4. Get Crafty

Sometimes things are unorganized because whatever it is doesn’t pull interest to you to spend time organizing. This is where you need to get crafty and give the things more valuable to you so you have fun organizing. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Try turning your textbooks and binders into Hogwarts themed school supplied.

5. ABCs

The alphabet is so easy to learn and it will also help you stay organized. When you have things in alphabetical order, it’ll make your life a lot easier. Go through your file binder and alphabetize inside each file category, so next time you need to find Mr. Hills exam paper, you’ll find it in practically a millisecond.

6. Get Physical

People say that writing things down on paper helps you remember better. Also, it’s fun having a matching planner and calendar. Buy a physical version of something you keep on your phone and try it out for a bit. You might not know it but going physical might be what you need to remember to do the long list of things for school and plan it out better.

7. Or All Tech

Sometimes having all those books and things physically can take up space and make your bag heavier. If that isn’t what you want, try going fully digital. It’s the 21st century and technology has made things so quick and easy that it’s highly recommended to use it to stay organized. Not only that, but it will help get rid of trash and even save you money since you won’t need to constantly buy a new version of something each year.

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

8. Mix It Up

If you’re unsure if you should stay old school or go all tech, try just mixing it up. Make sure you remember what’s physical and digital, but you definitely don’t have to be glued to a certain type..

9. Morning Start

You’re going to feel ready every morning when you wake up and organize something from the beginning. The best thing that everyone does when they get out of bed, is make it. It’s just one simple step that has a big impact on making you feel organized. It only takes about 3 minutes to do so, so why not do it?

10. Full Clean Every Month

Each month do a deep clean of something. This means that you aren’t going to just put thing in orfer, but literally clean what needs to be clean. If things are covered in dust and are dirty, you are for sure going to feel and look unorganized.

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

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11. One Step At A Time

Don’t rush to do everything at once. Yes, when you’re organizing a big mess, it can start overwhelming, so that’s why you need to start with something small and work your way to the big goal of finishing. When you do one step at a time, you’re going to feel less stressed and can even be faster.

12. Don’t Say “I’ll Do It Later”

If you see something that needs to be fixed, fix it right when you see it. It’s very likely you’ll forget you wanted to put something back on a shelf or wash the piling dishes, especially when you’re just starting to stay organized. When you do it right away, you get it off the todo list and it gets done.

13. Lists

This is something that some people might not be so fond of, but if you’ve never tried it, try keeping todo lists. Either write one down or keep reminders in your phone, you can be as specific as you want or more general, find which way works for you.

14. Take a Break From Shopping

You might not be able to stay organized because things keep on piling up from constant shopping sprees. When you go shopping, try and only buy things you really need. I know I like to buy cute plushies and it creates a problem for me each time because then I bring it home and realize that the ones on my shelf are already starting to make a pile beside it so I try my best not to buy any more plushies.

15 Ways To Stay Organized When Your Life Is A Mess

15. Remember That No Ones Perfect

Staying organized is tougher than some people make it look. It honestly takes time and patience, and if you’re just starting to clean up, don’t get upset if something gets messed up again. Organizing is something that requires practice.

Every person has a way to stay organized. Try everything and find what you like. Find something that makes your life easier, faster, and more fun. If you aren’t having a tiny bit of fun being organized, then something isn’t right.

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