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Ways To Stay Healthy During The Semester

Ways To Stay Healthy During The Semester

Semesters in college can seem go on forever! Being able to stay healthy through the hard times and recognizing them are hard things to do. No one means to be unhealthy, it just happens. Finding ways that can make your lifestyle better can change the way your semester ends. Changing small things to stay healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some ways you can try to stay healthy during the semester!

1. Take Naps

Some may think that napping is not very good when it comes to getting your work done, but if you are studying for a long time, napping actually helps retain information that you’ve studied! We’ve all had those nights where you’re up all writing a paper or doing a project. But the next day is a drag and you feel you can’t sleep because you still have too much work to do! Lets face it, 30 minutes isn’t going to change anything!

You should always allow your body to relax because it gives you time to put together thoughts that were clear before hand. If you are too tense, homework won’t come easily. If you really don’t have time for a full nap, lay in bed with your notebook and do homework. Reduce your screen time, even if it’s Netflix! Listen to music at a low soothing volume and let the creativity come!

Ways To Stay Healthy During The Semester

2. Don’t Snack Too Much

Most of us snack while doing homework because it helps us focus. If you’re thinking, it gives you something to do with your hands so you are not tempted to pick up your phone. But snacking too much can led to things you don’t want! Besides gaining weight, it creates bad habits of snacking even when you are not hungry. If you are one of those people who needs a little snack when you know you’re going to be sitting in front of a computer screen or a notebook for a long time, make sure your snack is healthy!

If you know you are going to be studying or doing homework for a long period of time, buy some healthy snack like Life cereal, fruit snacks, or veggie straws that give you a satisfying crunch and food to eat! Snacking doesn’t have to be sad! Healthy snacks don’t have to be a drag to eat, you should want to eat them!

3. Coffee Is Great

A healthy amount of coffee is great for those trying to get energy to do your school work. Most of us can’t function without at least one cup of coffee in the morning. A healthy cup isn’t a Cappuccino or Macchiato, it’s having a regular coffee with some creamer and a little bit of sugar. That is the healthiest you are going to get. It’s hard to be the healthy with coffee, but when you put it into moderation you’ll be able to find the right amount for you. No one should go a day without coffee!

4. Call Your Family

Family is one of the most important things you can have while in college. They are the only ones that you can tell about your day and they will listen completely and answer honestly. They should be the people you are able to talk to about anything. Talking to the people you love can help stay more focused which can ultimately help you get work done.

Since you might be far from home, talking to them regularly can help with the homesickness you might have around this time. This also gives you time to relax and not think about the school work you have which can be stressful and not healthy.

Ways To Stay Healthy During The Semester

5. Walk As Much As Possible

You may do this already because you have to walk to class, but walking with no destination can help your creative come help you formulate ideas you couldn’t at a desk. You don’t want to sit in one spot for a over an hour without at least getting up and moving around, getting some water or food.

If you don’t go for a walk, you’ll have back pain or joint pain. But if you are sitting for a long time, get a pillow to sit on so you are not on a flat surface. Those chairs colleges provide in your dorms are not the comfiest!

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6. Decompress Once In A While

Relax every once in a while. It shouldn’t be work, work, work all of the time. Taking breaks and doing some deep breathing helps clear the mind of everything you’re thinking about and lets you start new! Weather you read a chapter from a book you really like or just starring at the ceiling for a couple minutes, being able to relax and think about nothing in particular is a great feeling!

Being active is a great way that can help clear your mind and stay healthy at the same time. When exercising your body is so busy doing the motions that it wipes out what you have been thinking about before exercising which makes your brain clear up. Because of this you’ll be able to think clearly!

7. Change Your View

Just looking at one thing can be draining! Change your view even if it’s going from inside to outside or your desk to your couch. A new environment helps create new ideas which can be great for those who have writers block or need knew inspiration! There is nothing like seeing the same assignment from a different vantage point to get knew ideas and see it through a different light!

Changing the way you view your health can be life saving. When you have to ability to change a habit that you know isn’t that great for you, you can feel more empowered to be the best you can be! The little things you do change can have a big impact on the way you life the rest of your life.

Ways To Stay Healthy During The Semester

Have you tried any of these? Did they work? Tell us in the comments below!

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