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5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

So you just graduated eh? No more mom and dad telling you what to do because you’re not a little girl or boy anymore. You can now officially call yourself “grown”… but are you really? 

Did school teach you anything about the importance of maintaining your finances, how to pay rent, or even how to change a tire? No, all you know is how to solve X.

Don’t fret! Here are five ways to start adulting ASAP! 


Take Care of Health

Taking care of your health is an integral part of adulting because how you take care of your body ultimately affects your ability to be productive, how you are able to function throughout the day, and overall your lifespan.

It’s very easy once we start getting into the groove of day to day adult life with work, school, kids, and life in general not to make your health a priority. You may find yourself not prioritizing routine check-ups with your doctor, eating poorly due to stress, and ultimately finding a million and one excuses for why you can’t make time to exercise.

I suggest not trying to change everything at once. Start with something simple such as simply eating an apple every day; I personally like to incorporate a vegetable and protein smoothie in my diet, if I don’t have a lot of time to make a healthy meal. Also, rather than force yourself to do a hard-core work out with a trainer every day, try going for a simple like walk for as little as 30 minutes.


5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

Be Organized

One of the ways to start being organized is to simply maintain your living space. Once you move you, you won’t have your parents yelling at you to get the dishes done, fold the laundry, or clean your room, and while that initially sounds like a dream, in the long run, not maintaining organizational habits yourself may ultimately lead to your place very cluttered, dirty, and perhaps even to embarrassing to invite friends over.

Another way to be organized is to keep track of all of your assignments from your classes and try to start working on each assignment little by little from the day that it’s assigned till the day that its due. This practice is not only important in order to maintain a good GPA, but these habits will most certainly follow you once you have a get into the workforce. Not turning in an assignment on time in school may ultimately lead to a failing grade but in the workplace, it will likely lead to you receiving a pink slip.


5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

Getting Financials

You can’t rely on Mom and Dad forever, so it’s important to start learning some basic financial components now and prepare for the real world.

The first step is budgeting. If you don’t keep track of wherever your money’s going and wherever it ought to be going, it won’t take a lot of for spending to lost control. It’s vital to make it realistic…if you know you won’t be able to quit your Starbucks habit, build it in and check that it balances out along with your alternative spending.

Other important financial habits include having financial goals and plans, having multiple sources of income, and having an emergency fund.

5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

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Take Personal Responsibility

As an adult its important to take personal responsibility for our actions. This means includes admitting when we’re wrong, expressing how you feel but being honest and respectful, and overall allowing yourself to face difficult situations rather than hiding.

5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP



For some reason, once we become an adult, in the midst of finding our own independence we often have a hard time asking people for help in difficult situations, this could involve something as simple as going to tutoring for help if you have a difficult class or as serious as going to therapy when dealing with a traumatic experience.

Asking for help is an important aspect of being an adult because it’s important to continue to allow yourself to build connections with people. Allowing someone not helps to relieve stress from your life but it can also help with building trust with others and it also helps to break walls that are often built from ourselves.

5 Ways To Start Adulting ASAP

So before you head off in the real world, doing what adults do, know that at no matter what age, there will always still be room to learn and room to grow. Don’t be afraid to look for a mentor to help guide you along the way! 

How will you start adulting? Share with us in the comments!

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