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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

There are so many dating apps out there. For those of us who use them one of the best ones out there is Hinge. It has only really taken off in the UK in the last year but its popularity is growing every day. The format of Hinge is pretty different to most dating apps out there – this is why it’s so popular. Whether you’re recently single, bored of other dating apps like Tinder or already have Hinge and want to improve your profile, read on to hear our tips to make your profile stand out!

1. The first photo should be the best one

When you choose which photos you want to use on Hinge there a few things you need to do. The first picture you use should be you, alone and preferably a closeup. Hinge themselves have said their most liked profiles have black and white close-ups as the first picture – so we know this works!

2. Make it clear who you are

You should use up the maximum amount of photos on your profile. This gives you the best chance for potential dates to get to know you. These photos should be diverse e.g. holiday photos, selfies, nights out – show how exciting your life is! Whilst it’s okay to use a few group shots, avoid using too many as this can be confusing as to who you are. Never use large group shots with more than 5 or 6 people as chances are people will give up trying to work out which one you are.

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

3. Don’t give out too much info

When it comes to the section with your details, less is more. Unless you hold strong religious or political views that you absolutely need people to know about at a first glance you don’t need to include these. Likewise when it comes to smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. Unless you think it’s essential that people think you do or don’t take these straight away then it’s not really necessary to include this. It becomes too much information to sift through and can put people off. A little bit of mystery is exciting.

4. On the other hand, tell us the basics!

Your potential dates absolutely need to know your age, hometown, job and height. These things can often be a make or break so it’s important to show them on your profile. Height is especially an important one, for lots of people no matter how great your personality is, they’re not willing to settle for someone who is too short or too tall for them – as sad as it sounds! Absolutely never lie about your age, height or job! Assuming you’ll be going on dates these lies will come out in the end and could ruin everything, just be yourself!

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

5. Choose your questions carefully

So, so many people answer the questions about travel destinations, hobbies and favourite tv shows. Try to answer the more interesting questions (there are so many to choose from). You want three questions that will show different sides of your personality and show how great you are.

6. Likewise, your answers need to be interesting

Try not to go for really generic responses. We all have a creative side and you should use that to give responses that would draw someone in so they want to know more about you. For example try not to outright say: ‘my interests are…’ ‘i like doing…’. This can be pretty boring. There are ways to show what you’re interested in in different ways. You could answer the question: ‘First Round Is On Me If…’ with ‘you support (your favourite team)’. This is a really easy way to get your personality across and show your sense of humour.

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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

7. Avoid generic responses

The amount of Hinge profiles with Game of Thrones and The Office references is ridiculous! I’m sure they are your favourite shows ever but do you really need that to be the first thing people read about you. By using these kinds of answers it can make your profile seem exactly like the others – when you want to stand out!

8. Don’t make it all about drinking/partying

We all know you love to party, you don’t need to plaster it across your Hinge profile. A subtle photo from a night out or even a response about your favourite drink is completely okay. But try not to portray yourself as constantly drinking – with lots of photos of you drunk and all your answers as your crazy drunk stories. By all means, if you want to attract someone similar then ask them if they like partying as much as you. But by putting it all over your profile it suggests that you’re not serious or worth someone’s time to get to know you, and no one wants that.

8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Hinge Profile

Online dating is never straight forward but it definitely is exciting! By following these tips you’re sure to be raking in the likes (and dates!) on Hinge.

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