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10 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life With Bae

Whether you’ve been dating for 5 years or for 5 months, things are bound to get a little dull in your sex life with bae at SOME point. It happens- we’ve all been there. But this is the perfect opportunity to try out those creepy looking sex toys and games you thought only existed on late night infomercials. Here are 10 sure ways to spice up your sex life with bae!

1. This Little Black Book of Sex Positions

Here’s a book for you if you’re tired of the same old boring missionary and doggy style positions. Complete with detailed images and instructions, whip this out when you’re looking for a new position to try out that will get you both to climax.

2. Talk, Flirt, or Dare Cards

This game is a steamy way to start off the night with bae. It comes with three sets of cards- talk, flirt, and dare- so you can choose if you just need a conversation starter, or if you want to spice things up by having bae do something from one of the dare cards.

3. This Intro to S&M Kit

If you’re curious about S&M but don’t know where to start, then this is the kit for you. This cute little intro to S&M kit comes with handcuffs, a blindfold, and a flogger, and is perfect for beginners who are just starting to explore bondage.

4. Nipple Clamps

Ok, don’t let the name scare you off yet. Nipple clamps aren’t as terrifying as they may seem, and for people who are into pain during sex (consensual pain, obviously), then this is for you. You can tighten or loosen them as needed, and they’re perfect for adding even more sensitivity to your breasts, especially if you love when bae pays extra attention to them.

5. Kegel Balls

If you’ve ever wanted to freak out your Tinder date by ripping off a condom with your vagina (yes, that is possible), then you NEED to get a Kegel ball set. You can literally train your muscles to have stronger, more intense orgasms by inserting these babies into your vagina and doing a set of reps and weight training exercises for 15 minutes a day. So if you still have yet to experience a vaginal orgasm, don’t stress, you probably just have weak vaginal muscles that you need to train.

6. Scented Massage Oil

Who would willingly turn down a massage? If you’re not using scented massage oil in the bedroom, then you’re seriously missing out. This oil has lush undertones of vanilla and jojoba scents, and is the ultimate way to set the mood.

7. Sex Question Cards

This is the perfect way to get to know bae better and to explore what you both like to do in the bedroom. These cards come with questions like, “Demonstrate the sounds you make when you come”, or “What kinds of pornography do you enjoy?”. And best of all, these cards are gender-neutral and non-judgmental whatsoever.

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8. Aloe Vera Lube

This Aloe Vera lube is EVERYTHING. It’s moisturizing, smells amazing, and is perfect for adding even more texture during sex.

9. Sex Dice

These sex dice are funny AND kinky. There are so many options- just roll the dice and act out whatever position they land on with bae.

10. This Behind Closed Doors Board Game

A sex board game?! YES. This board game will have you both trying out dares on whichever card you happen to land on, which can range from lighting candles to set the mood, or taking off an article of clothing.

How do you like to spice up your sex life with bae? Comment below!
Yasmine Coccoli

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