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8 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

8 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

 Sex is great. Sex can improve our moods, improve our self-esteem, decrease depression and anxiety, and better connect us to our partners. If you miss a day at the gym it can also be considered your cardio for the day! After some time though, our sex lives can become routine, lacking creativity and luster in the bedroom. To spice things up in the bedroom, we challenge you to try these fun and sexy tips.  

1. Spice Up Missionary

Missionary is great and can be a very intimate position. However, it often lacks creativity when it comes to the bedroom. Try positioning pillows under your back, allowing for a different angle and better point of view for him. 

2. Buy A Sex Toy Together

Go down to your local (feminine friendly) sex shop with your partner, pick out something that peaks both of your interests, and try it! Pick up a rabbit vibrator, an anal toy, or bondage accessories whatever fits your fantasy! If you do not have a feminine friendly sex store around you, order one online together, the anticipation of its arrival will have you both on your toes. 

15 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

3. Watch Porn Together

Watching porn together can be a fun experience that shows your partner just what you like. Picking something you both enjoy can help to bond you to your partner, and can inspire new positions, and new locations; the bedroom, kitchen, office, car, the options become endless.

4. Book A Hotel Stay

Find a beautiful hotel within your city and take a night to stay in together. Sex in your own bedroom is comforting, hotel sex can be wild and exhilarating. Hotel sex is always super freeing, exciting, and great. It allows for the two of you to feel like you’re able to get away together and really enjoy each other, even if it’s just for one night. 

5. Have Morning Sex

Morning sex is a great way to start the morning and can set your mood for the entire day. Morning sex will aid in warding off depression and can alleviate stress related to the day. Having sex both morning and night can boost the immune system and leave you and your partner connected throughout the day. 

15 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

6. Introduce Massage Oils And Lotions

Massaging your partner can be very intimate and romantic. It can also help to relax both of you and relieve tension for both the giver and receiver. Massage oils and massage lotions can help to make this more experience more comfortable and will help guide your hands to all the right spots. You can also find scents that are intriguing and release endorphins, leaving you both hanging on and wanting more. Light a candle, turn on your favorite playlist, and get massaging. The benefits of massage are endless and often lead to the real deal. 

7. Have a Romantic Night In

Romance is often said to be dead, but it is a part of the most successful long term relationships. Romance allows you to show your partner how much you love and care for them while adding a sexy element of surprise. Light some candles, make a romantic dinner, and spend some quality time together. This will produce endorphins and these endorphins will allow for the sex at the end of the night to be captivating. 

8. Bondage

Whether you’ve gone full fifty shades or are wanting to try a lighter approach to control, bondage can be a fun and exciting element to your sex life. If you haven’t tried it before, try a lighter approach first, maybe handcuffs or a blindfold. Be sure to have a safeword and let your partner explore your body while leaving mystery to the whole ordeal. 

15 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

9. Mutual Masturbation

Never underestimate the power of a good hand job! Masturbating each other can draw partners together and allow for your partner to feel the excitement in you. It is a great way to foreplay and can really get you ready for the real thing!

10. Masturbate In Front Of Eachother

This is a sure-fire way to get your partner going. Masturbating in front of each other will allow for your partner to really visualize what gets you excited, in turn, turning them all the way on.  

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11. Add A Hint Of Danger

Knots, ropes, whips, and spanking. These are all precarious and intoxicating options for adding an element of danger to the bedroom. Establish a safe word and experiment with an element of danger. It’s sure to add sex appeal and a thrilling element to any sex act. 

12. Kiss Each Other

Often times when serious couples have been together for a while, they forget the power of just kissing. Kiss each other is a major way to bond as a couple and releases endorphins needed for sex. Kissing makes you happy and has a tangible effect on our self-esteem. Kissing can even burn (a few) calories and fight cavities. Kissing can also be an electric way to begin foreplay. It helps to relieve stress and reduce anxiety and can help to really get you in the mood. Kiss each other everywhere, in the bedroom, in the shower, while making dinner. It will connect you throughout the day and can lead to tantalizing sex at night. 

15 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

13. Slow Things Down

Take your time with each other. Take the time to feel every movement, every thrust, every kiss. Really think about the sensation of each other. It will leave you both begging for more. 

14. Spontaneous Quickies

Sometimes we just need a quick minute to connect with our partners. Pick a good place for a quickie, the bathroom, the kitchen counter, a car, and go at it. There’s an art to a good quickie, take the time to find just what works for both you and your partner. Relieve stress and anxiety throughout the day with a quick and satisfying bone. 

15 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom

15. Send Him A Sexy Text 

Sexting is fun, exciting, and exhilarating. Send him a quick shot of yourself or tell him just what you want when he gets home, leaving him wanting more. It can add a little bit of spice throughout both your days and have you ready to jump each other’s bones when you see each other. 

Sex is good for both our physical and mental health. It can increase our stamina, burn calories, enhance our self-esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety. It is the best way to connect on an intimate level with your partner and is a fundamental building block to a strong romantic relationship. To spice up your sex life, try one (or all) of these pleasurable tricks and go at it! Your sex life will thrive, eliminating any staleness, and you and your partner will feel more connected than ever.