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Top 5 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom After Moving In Together

Top 5 Ways To Spice Up The Bedroom After Moving In Together

Moving in with your significant other can be the start of an exciting chapter in your relationship. You’ll get to wake up together, come home to each other and build a life based around your love for one another. However, living together may also kill that spark you used to have. Gone are the days of surprise lingerie and now the only time you get to surprise each other is when you forget the other person was in the washroom.

Get ready to have to fetch each other toilet paper and for him to see you in your period panties. There is hope though, here are five ways to spice up the bedroom after moving in together.    

1. Roleplaying  

Let’s face it, being single is a lot of fun. Yes, it is lonely and it is an amazing gift to find the love of your life. But, first dates are exciting and give you butterflies in your stomach. It can be sad to think about never having that feeling again. If you’re craving that feeling, go on a first date with your partner.

Dress up, use a fake name and agree to not so spontaneously run into each other. Turning a date night into a one night stand can make the sex feel like a new adventure, without the scary consequence of doing it with a stranger. So replace roses and romantic dinners reminiscing about your first date with costumes, accents and choreographed meet-cutes.  

Spice up your bedroom with these 5 new tricks and tips to use when you're in the mood.

2. Take It Outside Of the Bedroom

Now I’m not saying I’m one of those people who gets turned on by the thought of getting caught in the act. But the fear of this will spice up your sex life, guaranteed. Having sex anywhere but your bedroom can be extremely hot and adventurous.

Take a drive and pull over on a back road, get handsy in a movie theater, maybe even bang one out in your parent’s bathroom while they’re in the kitchen cooking dinner. It’s not the fact of getting caught that’s hot, it’s the fear of what would happen that will spice up your sex life.    

Spice up your bedroom with these 5 new tricks and tips to use when you're in the mood.

3. Research

Call me a nerd but I love researching. Thee more information I can get on a subject the better. Learning is such an incredible gift that most people take for granted. If you’re feeling like your partner knows all your tricks and can predict what you’re going to do next, try researching new techniques.

Research new ways to go down on your partner, experiment with various positions, dirty talk, toys, and moves are all available for you to explore on the internet. You’ll surprise your lover and maybe even learn more about what you like during sex. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of your google history bar, the internet is there for us to use.

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4. Actual Spice

Hear me out! I am not suggesting your bring cayenne pepper into the bedroom, that would be insane. However, food in the bedroom is never a bad idea. Again, don’t bring in spicy chili peppers into the bedroom for your partner to eat, but don’t stick to the traditional whip cream on the abdomen either.

Try putting ice cubs in your mouth and then going down on your partner, or pop-rocks, anything that is out of the box and a little messy can be a fun way to spice up your bedroom.

Spice up your bedroom with these 5 new tricks and tips to use when you're in the mood.

5. Withdrawal

This is going to sound crazy, but sometimes waiting to have sex can be hotter than actually having sex. Take a break from the bang fest you’ll be having when you first move in together and try teasing each other. Send nudes to his phone, taunt him by wearing sexy clothes around the house, make a no-touching rule during a striptease. Then when you finally get to have sex with each other not only will it feel great, it’ll be like a release you’ve both been waiting for.  

Feeling inspired to do the dirty deed with your significant other. Try out our tricks and let us know how you spice up your bedroom in the comments below!

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