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6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

When it comes to date night, dinner and a movie is one of the classic ideas for a good time with your significant other. But let’s face it, it can get pretty boring after a while. Don’t lose hope though, there are plenty of ways to improve on the timeless trope. These ideas are sure to make your plain date into a night you’ll cherish forever.

1. Be a Kid Again

It’s hard enough being an adult, why do need to act like an adult too? If you and your date want to spend one last night as immature kids again, then act out a child’s dream evening. 

Before the flick, spend way to much time at the theater’s arcade. Then check out the newest “kiddie” movie, or watch a childhood classic like the original The Little Mermaid or Shrek. Top it off with breakfast for dinner, sundaes, or anything you would have loved as a kid. It will definitely put some youth back into your relationship. 

6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

2. Theme Night

Who doesn’t like to play pretend? Go old school and dress up for a candlelit dinner, followed by a black and white movie. Or maybe hit up a steakhouse and watch a western. Or better yet, have a cheap night of fast food and a bad comedy that never fails to make you laugh. Whatever it may be, a theme can give you and your date something to look forward to on date night. 

6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

3. Explore a New Culture

If you think and change in scenery is what you need, but your budget doesn’t agree, spend your evening diving into another culture’s arts and cuisine. There are tons of underappreciated foreign films that slip through the cracks, and your local theater might just be showing them. 

If you really want to take it to heart, match your dinner with your film of choice, e.g. hibachi for a Japanese film or pasta for an Italian feature. This idea will have you looking for more and more culture to explore every date night. 

4. Movie Marathon

OK, maybe this isn’t as much a “dinner and a movie” as it is a “movie and a movie and a movie and another movie” idea but nevermind that. Who doesn’t want to sit on the couch all day, cuddle up next to your boo, eat microwave popcorn, and watch hours upon hours of your favorite film series. 

Pick something you both enjoy and that has loads of films, like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Make it a goal to finish it all before the night is over for an extra challenge. 

6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

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5. Drive-In 

This may sound like a long shot, but drive-in theaters aren’t as uncommon as you may think. The could be one close to you; and if there is, you and your significant other should definitely check it out. 

Drive-ins often include comfort food to eat while you watch a classic movie.on the projector. It will just be you and your date in the privacy of the car, so no need to worry about others interfering on your date night. 

6 Ways To Spice Up A Dinner And A Movie

6. Travel Far

You might find that your dinner and a movie date has gone stale simply because you both keep visiting the same places. Eating the same meal at the same restaurant and watching movies in the same theater will get boring sooner rather than later. 

So take your significant other out of town for the night. Eat at a new place neither of you have tried before and visit a new theater. It could just be what you two need to spice up date night. 

Have any other ideas to spice up a dinner and a movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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