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7 Ways To Spice It Up In The Bed

7 Ways To Spice It Up In The Bed

7 Ways To Spice It Up In The Bed

Being with someone new is exciting, for the first few times at least. Then, the positions start to become regular and the sweet and sexy gestures become very minimal. Before you know it, you find yourself having a boring and predictable sex life. But have no fear, there is hope! This article gives you 7 different ways to spice things back up with your partner in the bedroom, so you go from predictable Peggy to promiscuous


The first way sexy suggestion and one of the easiest ways to spice it up in behind closed doors is blindfolding! Tying something around your partners eyes, hinders them from being able to tell where you plan on going, causing the anticipation and excitement to be unbearable. You can even make a game out of it and make your partner guess where you’re headed next. You can find super sexy blindfolds on multiple websites if you want to get fancy, however, this can be accomplished with any kind of material you have at home. Just cut a thick enough strip and tie it. You know, BirdBox, but make it sexy.

7 Ways To Spice It Up


It’s an age-old tactic to seduce people, but also one that not a lot people utilize these days. Lingerie! A sexy set that maybe, let’s say, crotch-less or ass-less is a perfect and simple way to spice things up. You can do your partners favorite color and be waiting for them in the bed when they get home, or maybe you can show up to their house in a trench coat and only the lingerie underneath. If you feel uncomfortable in lingerie for whatever reason, just remember, the objective isn’t to keep it on for long!


Put on a show baby! Another way to spice things up in the bedroom, is to put together a dance for your partner. You can have on a special outfit (maybe the lingerie I just mentioned), just a t-shirt, or have on nothing at all. And no, you don’t have to know how to dance to try this. It’s not about rhythm, it’s about being sensual. Touch on yourself, put on your favorite song and get into the zone. You can find countless videos on YouTube for these types of dances, a lot of them include a pole which will add even more sexy to your dance!

7 Ways To Spice It Up


Okay guys, I need y’all to have an open mind for this one! Role play is one of the best ways to kick start you and your partners spicy sex life! Now there is as many approaches to this sexy suggestion, but just try to think of a wild fantasy and act it out and if you don’t have one, I bet your partner does! Cops and robbers, school-teacher vibe, or maybe act like y’all don’t know each other and meet in a new location. Pretend as if you two are hooking up randomly. This especially works for couples who’ve been together for a while, kind of gives you the feel you’re with someone new. I suggest you use some type of costume or wear something that you usually wouldn’t just to add to the “act”.

Use Food

Sex and food are things that most people enjoy, so why not add the two together? There are several foods that are classified as aphrodisiac foods, which are foods that “get you in the mood” for lack of better wording. You can look up a list of these foods and include them in numerous ways. You can feed them to your partner while including small sexual acts, use the blindfold and have them guess the food or even eat the food off of each other.  Sometimes, just the act of feeding your partner can be arousing without any sexual act at all. So, find your food and make a tasty meal out of your partner.

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Again readers, have an open mind with this one. Bondage is one of the riskier suggestions, but it’s one that can really take a regular night up a notch! You can tie yourself or your partner up with handcuffs, a bandana, scarf, or anything that’s strong enough. Being tied up brings so much anticipation of the night because your partner can please you without you being able to hold them back. You can reach new levels of comfort and climax and that isn’t just spicy, that’s just down right hot!!

7 Ways To Spice It Up

Different Places

The last sexy suggestion to spice it up in your bedroom is doing the same things, but just trying them in different places! Get out of your bed and get on your dresser, get in your tub. You can take it to your laundry room and get on top of the washer/dryer, maybe even while it’s going! If you have a yard with privacy, you can take it outside in the bushes, or on the patio, or if you have a pool or hot tub, get in there and get a little messy. If you’re brave, you can take it to your vehicle and have some fun before your neighbors come outside! The fact is, doing something in a place you’re really not supposed to be doing it in, makes it that much more exciting and plus, everywhere you go in your house you’ll have a little memory attached to it. Talk about spice it up!

Not all of these ways will fit for your particular situation or your comfort level, but if you apply just one of these next time you and your partner are intimate, it’s guaranteed it’ll spice it up for you and your partner. It is trial and error though, so if one doesn’t work, try another one and don’t be scared to try new things! If you do the same things in bed today that you did yesterday, you’ll get the same results! Happy humping, I mean hunting!

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