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20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

Spending your free time can be stressful because you only get so much free time between responsibilities and work. Plus, not to mention, the money aspect. Usually free time means money spending time but it doesn’t have to! Check out these 20 ideas for how to spend your free time that won’t break the bank!

1.) Go to the Library

Yes, the library. I know that many of us assume that the library died tragically when online platforms surged but alas, libraries are still alive and well! And free! The icing on top. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a local library not too far away.

Not only do libraries host tons of free events and discounted book sales, they also have those things called books! And library cards are free… so there really is no excuse.

20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap   


2.) Read the Book You Got at the Library!

When it comes to choosing a book at the library, the most important thing is to pick what you like! Don’t let the condescending voice in your head get the best of you. You don’t have to read very difficult pompous novels, you can read those cookbooks or those mysteries you love! You will get way more reading done, learn more and really utilize that shiny new library card (which was free).

3.) Go for a Hike

This is free. And easy. And good for you! So it is a triple threat! Besides maybe some sore muscles, there is no negative to this option! The app All Trails is free on the app store for iPhone users and helps to find hiking trails close to you. It will tell you the exact location, how long the hike is, how difficult it is, reviews from fellow hikers and maps!

4.) Take your Puppy to the Dog Park

A treat for both of you! If you have a dog, grab that leash and get some outdoor time together! Most likely, there is a local dog park in your neighborhood and if not, then see the option above! A hike, the dog park, either way, get outside and active with your four legged best friend!

5.) Try Out a New Recipe

A lot of famous cooks are advertising new recipes that they call “pantry pulls”. Basically these are recipes using stuff that can be found in your pantry every day! Like those cans of beans that don’t expire and the box of pasta that you bought last week, these recipes mean no excess shopping so no excess money spending!


A cheap and easy way to stay safe and make a nice stay at home meal on a budget.

6.) Plan a Picnic

You can use you Pantry Pull Meal! Or not, whatever. But your budget doesn’t need to stop you from having a fancy picnic at a beautiful destination! Grab your basket, grab that emergency bottle of wine and get going. A picnic is a great way to have a sense of going out to eat without tipping or spending the extra money!

20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

7.) Try a Challenge

There are, at any given time, 200 challenges going around on social media. Now don’t get too carried away with any of the more dangerous challenges, but the push up or squat challenges are always great and free!


8.) Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Essential oils, bath bombs, candles, books, snacks, wine. Whatever you have laying around to make your bath time luxurious should be your first move. Grab those goodies and run the tap! If you have the fancy stuff, great! If not, shampoo or body wash works just as well for bubbles.

20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

9.) Try Some Yoga

YouTube will be your best friend for this fun and free option! There are tons of YouTube videos on yoga for all different abilities. Start at beginner and work your way up! Yoga can be really relaxing and really good for you.

10.) Build a Fort

If you have kids, or you remember being a kid, then you remember or recall the joy of a fort! The living room in disarray, pillows and blankets and snacks! The abnormal is an amazing change of pace and may just be the perfect thing for your mundane day!


11.) Have a Spa Night

20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

12.) At Home Manicures and Pedicures

This one is obvious! You can spend tons of money on nails depending on how often you get them done and by doing them at home once or twice a month you can save a lot of cash! Pick out a color and grab that file and get to work. The pampering will be well received and the money saved will be well appreciated.

13.) Try Out Some Community Service 

Volunteering is free. And helpful and good for you! Try it. You can do anything from landscaping, cooking, baking, moving or assisting in any way. There are hundreds of opportunities so you are bound to find something you like!

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14.) Build an At Home Water Park

All you need is some dish soap and a tarp! And maybe a sled if you’re feeling it. Make a water slide in your own backyard and enjoy the slippery fun. Perfect for all ages and free for all ages.

15.) Check out the Local Festivals!

Themed festivals are getting more and more popular as of late and for good reason. Breweries, food trucks and more are usually featured at these kinds of events. It can get a little pricey so plan before hand and hope to go and browse some of the local crafts tables!

16.) Clean?

This sounds more like work so already it is a hard sell. But, cleaning out some unused and unwanted stuff may make you some money and THAT is the fun part! Clean out some clothes and shoes and plan a tag sale! You can make back some of that money spent and spend it on fun events and activities instead.

17.) Play Outside

Football. Basketball. Tennis. Kickball. I think we forget as we age how much fun these team based games are. See if you can gather a group of friends and family at the local park and get playing! Free and safe (as long as no one gets too competitive).


18.) Search for Some Art Openings

You may even get some bacon wrapped appetizers and free wine if you’re lucky! And in the meantime, you get to support local artists and have a different and enriching experience. Something to look into for sure!

Most of the time you can find these events in magazines or on Facebook.

19.) Try to Find Free Concerts

Most cities will do free outdoor concerts during the summer and spring time and they are usually great! You can bring your own comfy chairs and snacks and listen to some free tunes. The bands acquired are quality and the crowds they draw are always a good time as well.

20.) Try a New Cocktail at Home

There are so many amazing mixology books that you can grab or download online that will walk you through exactly what to do. You don’t even have to go and buy any crazy expensive liquor. Most books have a well and top shelf option so you can just use what you have on tap.


20 Ways To Spend Your Free Time That Are Fun, Safe and Cheap

So, if you have excess free time, it doesn’t have to be bored time! Let us know which of these 20 tips worked to help keep you entertained below in the comments! Fun and free activities are hard to come by so these 20 are guaranteed to work for you.

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