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5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

With our hectic schedules and busy lives, it can sometimes seem impossible trying to get some well-deserved time alone – but it’s important to make room for some, for both your health and your wellbeing. Here are 5 ways to spend some quality time alone!

1. Try A New Workout Class

Whether it’s cycling, kickboxing, yoga, or HIIT, chances are there’s a group exercise class you’ve been waiting to try out. Going to the gym and attending a workout class is a great way  to spend some well-earned time alone. Working out solo will mean that you don’t end up getting distracted or pulled into a conversation.

You’ll feel motivated to work out for longer, and at the end, you’ll feel proud for having done it all by yourself. Additionally, working out alone will improve your confidence and improve your self-esteem. When you’re spending time alone in the gym, you can go at your own pace, think and reflect, and discover new things about yourself.

This will all lead to more calories burned for you, and a check off of your bucket list. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your workout gear, and head to the gym now!

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

2. Have A Spa Day

Another great way to spend time alone is to have your very own spa day. This is a form of self-care that is proven to help anxiety, depression, and headaches. To start your relaxing spa day, draw a warm bath and add in some bath salts or essential oils. As you soak, massage your sore muscles and exfoliate your skin with a loofa.

When you’re ready, get out and give yourself a steam treatment by draping a towel over your head and a bowl of hot water for 2 minutes. You could also give yourself a manicure and pedicure. The best place to set up a great spa day is either in the bathroom or the bedroom. Aadditionally, apply your favourite sheet mask and whip out your jade roller.

So, get your skincare products ready and head to your bathroom! 

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

3. Experiment In The Kitchen

A third way to spend some time alone is by spending some time in the kitchen. Whether you’re a master or a beginner in the kitchen, cooking alone will give you the time to experiement with different recipes and sharpen your skills. A benefit of cooking alone is that you won’t have your partner or your roommate complaining about burnt cake in the background.

A lot of us rely on ready meals or fast food a least once a day – fall back in love with cooking, by whipping up some tasty meals alone.

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

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4. Get Organised

One of my personal favourite things to do when I want to spend some time alone is by tidying the entirety of my living space. If your living space is practically unrecognisable beneath a mountain of clothes, laundry, and makeup, it’s time to get organised. Clutter can lead to stress, anxiety and impact your productivity, so it’s important to remember to give yourself some time alone to clean up, and re-organise your space.

Additionally, many individuals find that tidying up is a meditative task and it helps them re-evaulate and restore their mind. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it’s worth a try!

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

5. Volunteer

Spending time alone doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors or in your bedroom. Try to take the time to give back, and you don’t need a friend to do it alongside. With our busy lives, we can easily forget those who are less fortunate than us.

Volunteering for a cause or a charity that is important to you will show yourself that you have what it takes to make a difference. And it’s important to remember, doing good makes you feel good!

5 Ways To Spend Some Quality Time Alone

Which of these 5 ways to spend time alone will you be trying? Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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