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10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

Summer is the greatest time of year and of course, we can’t wait to get out and buy lots of fun things with our friends. But the problem of over-spending is as permeating as that sunkissed smell we find everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to save this steamy season, these tips are for you.

1. Thrift

Thrifting will bring the most mutually beneficial outcome for both you and your wallet. Thrifted clothes are often much less expensive than regular retailers. You can often get good quality used items for half the price. Plus, the thrifted look is more popular than ever in 2019. I guess we all long for the simpler days of the 1990s. Also, when I say thrifting, I’m not talking about going to vintage boutiques and splurging. Don’t do that if you want to save. Try cheaper used clothing stores, like Black Market in downtown Toronto.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

2. Make Your Own Iced Beverages

In high school, my friends and I bought a Starbucks frap almost every day. At $5 a drink, that is not a cost effective go-to just to beat the heat. Invite your friends over and make your own frappuccinos instead. Or go classic and make an easy milkshake. All you really need is ice-cream and milk. Get a travel cup that keeps your drinks cool, and take it with you when you’re heading out. Get creative!

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

3. Spend More Time Outdoors

Unlike shopping malls and amusement parks, nature is free! Head over to the park with your friends or family or even alone, and have some free fun. Even though it’s nice weather for shopping down busy storefronts, try limiting yourself to just window shopping. If you can’t control yourself, the park will be your go-to.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

4. Have A Staycation

The rising cost of travel out of Canada has meant an influx of staycations. Sometimes the best memories are made right here at home. Try being a tourist in your own city one day, you might find that there’s a lot of interesting things you haven’t even noticed. Take your camera with you and try to notice things you don’t usually stop to look at.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

5. Get Discount Theatre Tickets In Toronto

If you live in Ontario, why not head to Toronto and see some of the great theatre shows this city has to offer. Toronto is a bustling hub for the arts, and there are sites like HipTix which provide students with discount tickets. I mean, really discounted. Some tickets $20 value go for only $5. Act fast!

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

6. Bored AF? Sell Your Stuff

If you’re bored with your summer and short on cash, this can be a good way to save and spend your time instead of spending your money. Sell some of your old stuff online on eBay or Kijiji. Maybe you have some clothes you don’t wear anymore? Try putting them up for auction on used clothing sights like DePop or even Instagram. Sell more and spend less! Plus, if you spend more time selling, you’ll have more money to save for later.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

7. Don’t Go To ALL The Concerts

Summer concert season is really great! Outdoor music, with festivals like WayHome, Veld, or Osheaga, can be a memorable experience for you. But they’re also one of the biggest no-nos if you really want to spend less. Try picking one or two concerts instead of a huge music festival, or vice versa, if you want to go to Osheaga, don’t go to any more concerts this summer.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

8. Have Potlocks And BYOB Parties

Parties are the highlight of the summer, but they cost a lot to prepare. Let’s face it, alcohol is really not cheap. Make your guests bring their own, or you’ll be stuck with a lot of empty bottles and waiting for a year before someone pays you back for that fancy vodka you’d never heard of before. Try doing a potluck or a picnic as well, so you don’t have to buy and cook and all the food for your Canada Day BBQ.

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10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

9. Distract Yourself

Instead of going out and spending your precious dollars, try reading a book. Easy you say? Well, how about two each month. This is going to occupy so much of your time that you won’t even want to spend money. If you’re not a reader, try another activity that takes up time and that you enjoy doing. Cycling? Video games? Remember to also stay active. Pick one lazy activity and one active occupation that you can do all summer long.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

10. Get A Part-Time Job

Not what you wanted to hear but probably the most sensible option for the summer months. Maybe a summer camp job could be fun in these warm months. It’ll occupy your time and give you an opportunity to save more than you spend. Sorry to be that downer, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Does that mean I’m going to do it too? Not necessarily.

10 Ways To Spend Less This Summer

What are you doing this summer? Comment below and share this post with your friends for some summer fun!

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