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10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day Inside And Still Have Fun

10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day Inside And Still Have Fun

Since stay-at-home restrictions will probably be in place through Father’s Day, you’ll most likely be spending the day in this year. But being stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to cancel the festivities! Here are 10 things you can do to make your dad feel special this Father’s Day! 

1. Fire up the grill

Most dads are no stranger to a good old fashioned barbecue! If you’re dad is king of the ‘cue, hosting a backyard barbecue is one of the most classic ways to spend Father’s Day at home. Treat him to a relaxing day in this year by grilling up some of his favorites yourself!

10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day Inside And Still Have Fun


Get your hands on some easy to grill veggies and the meat of his choice, and throw together some kabobs or other grill classics. Ribs are also a great grill option, and so is a build your own burger station. Just load up a cooler with all his favorite drinks and spirits, string up some festive lights, and BAM! You’ll have the best barbecue ever and your dad will totally love it. 

2. Put together a just-for-dad playlist

Is your dad a Van Halen freak? Or does he have an inside joke about a horrible teeny-bop song that came on the radio once during a family road trip? Whatever kind of music your dad is into or has a connection with, surprise him by compiling all of the most “dad” you can think of songs into one Father’s Day playlist! If you’re having any kind of celebration, this is the perfect background noise for your at-home festivities, but if you have a “Spotify” account, this is also an easy, dad approved gift that doesn’t cost a dime. Just share the playlist with him and next time he goes for a run or mows the lawn, he’ll surely be thinking of YOU…his favorite child, of course! 

3. Host movie night

The “Dad Movie Festival” is an adorable and fun way to celebrate your dad this year! Make a list of all his favorite movies with a short little introductory speech to share before the streaming begins. When it comes time, watch all of them in a row like you would at Sundance or Tribeca! This is obviously a time consuming way to celebrate Father’s Day, but since you’ll probably be stuck at home anyways, what better way to show your dad you love him than by bonding over all his favorite flicks?  Plus, if you’re willing to sit through all of the “James Bond” of “Lord of the Rings” films, you’ll get serious brownie points. 


4. Make your own pizzas

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so spend this Father’s Day stuck at home with a build your own pizza night! Go the extra mile and make him a personalized apron and chef’s hat, and then load up on all his favorite toppings. Cooking together is a great bonding activity, too, so preparing a pizza dough from scratch is a sure way to show your dad you love him.

10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day Inside And Still Have Fun

Not only will you have a fun and challenging task at hand, but the final product will be super tasty! Another fun gag playing off of the “stuck inside theme” is streaming either a photo or video of the Tuscan countryside on your laptop of television while the pizza eating commences. I can’t think of any dad who would be mad at the idea of their child taking them all the way to “Italy” for Father’s Day! 


5. Present him with a Dad award

Does your dad have the coolest music taste ever? Or is he known for being a total grill master? Whatever his signature “thing” is, tell him in a big way this Father’s Day by presenting him with a dad award! Make an actual award to present him with using craft supplies, and set aside time during the day to make a fuss over the trophy. Prepare speeches to make him feel extra special!

6. Watch ESPN reruns

If you’re dad is a sports fanatic, he’s probably crushed that all his favorite events are cancelled this season. If you can access clips of iconic moments involving his favorite teams, compile all of them for sports night! Although it doesn’t beat the real thing, sports night is an easy and accessible Father’s Day event and he’ll be thankful for it.

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7. Throw a “dad roast”

We’ve seen it all: the roast of Justin Bieber, the roast of Snoop Dogg…the list goes on. This year, poke fun at the source of all dad jokes and roast the living daylights out of your very own father! Bring comedy night in this year and as the bartender, stock up on his favorite drinks or even prepare your very own dad-approved cocktails. All you need is a fake microphone and some prepared speeches, and then round up all the kids in your family. Going down the line, have everyone choose the most hilarious (or cringe worthy) parts of his personality to roast and lay it on him! You might get some serious side eye, but depending on who he is, this is most likely going to be your family’s new favorite Father’s Day tradition.

8. Serve brunch in bed

This Father’s Day classic does not require leaving the house! Bring him his favorite breakfast treats and set them up on a tray with all his favorite fixings. Make sure to tell him the night before to let his alarm lapse, and give him ample space if he wants it! 

10 Ways To Spend Father’s Day Inside And Still Have Fun


9. Have an at-home beer tasting 

If your dad’s a beer guy, stock up on his favorite bottles and host the ultimate beer tasting right in your own home! Tastings are always more fun with a theme, so either gather some worldwide flavors for an international themed event or go local by supporting your neighborhood breweries! Serve bar snacks, too, and prepare some fried favorites or soft pretzel-type treats. Every beer-enthusiast dad would totally love this idea!

10. Bring in his favorite grub

Since you will more likely than not be stuck at home this Father’s Day, give your dad the meal of his dreams AND give back to local businesses by bringing food from his favorite restaurants straight to your very own kitchen table! Go crazy (if you have the means to) and set up a buffet or organize a tapas night with a little bit of food from a few different dad approved places. If you want to take it a step further, go the full nine yards and require that everyone dress nicely. You can set up your dining area like you’re going to have a fancy sit down dinner, even if his grub picks are straight up of the chicken wing variety. Your dad will appreciate the effort, and so will his huge appetite (which will definitely be satisfied after this meal).

What did you end up doing to make the most of Father’s Day at home? Let us know in the comments which activity made YOUR dad feel special on his special day! 

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