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10 Ways to Show Up As Your Best Self

10 Ways to Show Up As Your Best Self

If you feel like your life is put together except somehow you also feel like you’re a mess, I know whats going on. You’re probably not showing up as your best self or taking care of yourself the way you deserve to be taken care of. Lucky for you, I have the best ways to show up as the queen you are to everyday life. 

1. Know Your Values

The most important change you’ll ever make in your life is the day you decide to know your values and stick to them. That will be the day that accepting anything less than what you know you deserve will no longer be an option because you better believe one of those values, must be you. 

So, find out what’s important to you. Where do you stand on political matters? Social Justice matters? What true love is? Your views on religion? All of these matter even though they may not come up in your day to day exchanges, they’re important things to know about yourself so you can stay true to them. That’s not to say your beliefs can’t change, it’s just a way of making sure they don’t change because you let someone else choose for you.


2. Remember Your Purpose

We all have a purpose in this world but sometimes it can be daunting to think about. For example, If you feel like your purpose is to change the world, maybe that’s a lot to aim for on a Monday morning, so make it smaller. Maybe your “purpose” for the day is to make one person laugh, that’s perfect, and will in turn impact the world. Point is, no matter how big or small, figure out what your purpose for doing the things you do today is, and make it happen. Be open to this changing each day, too. 

3. Confidence is Key

Ugh, I hate writing “confidence is key” because we all know confidence is great but, feeling confident is a whole other battle. So my advice to you, is fake it until you make it. (I like that catchphrase much better). You don’t have to feel confident to look confident and although you can’t fake everything in life, this one works for sure. When you act confident, you glow differently, you carry yourself differently, and most importantly, you show up differently. So roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and strut in like you’re a star. Give this technique five minutes, I can guarantee you’ll feel better than you did before. 

4. Channel The Best Version of YOU

I can be very sensitive. If someone breathes at me the wrong way, I can take it to heart and start crying. It’s annoying. Personally, I see my “softness” as a good trait. I am able to be vulnerable and open in a way many people can’t. I was getting fed up with my dramatics, though, and could tell my friends were too. So I was left to figure out how I could fix that without changing who I am. That’s when I began trying to visualize the best version of myself before I’d enter a room. What would she do in this situation? How would she react? 


For me, the best version of myself would stay soft and open while recognizing that not everything is a personal attack on me. I noticed the more I began showing up as the best version of myself, the more I became the best version of myself.

5. Express Yourself

Maybe we’re not all fashionistas dreaming of styling our own look at NYFW but, that doesn’t mean we can’t still rock a jaw dropping look down the runway of our lives. Even If your defeintion of expressing yourself is by wearing sweats with dirty hair, cheers to you girl, you look good. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it matters how you wear it and how you feel. If you rock that dirty hair, do it queen. I’m convinced you can trick anyone into believing you’re a fashion icon by looking confident and spicing things up. Just wear what makes you feel good and I promise you, baby, you’ll look damn good. 

6. Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Yikes. This one can be scary. It’s hard to be open and vulnerable in a world that isn’t always gentle with us. I know, most of us have been hurt and built up walls, or maybe you’re just someone who has always had walls up and kept to yourself, either way it’s okay. I’m not telling you that being open is the key to being your best self, I’m telling you that loving is the key to being your best self. Be open to giving and receiving love, spread love, as a matter of fact, be love. 


Some of the most beautiful people in the world have been broken and bruised but still radiate love in all they do. Not only does it make you radiate light and beautiful energy, I actually think that giving and receiving an abundance of love makes the heartache you’ve lived through a little bit easier to heal.

7. Be Passionate

I think I’ve said this a million times throughout my articles but I’ll say it again, passion is sexy. Being incredibly passionate about anything is SEXY. When you’re passionate about something, you give that thing, and yourself power. It’s like you’re declaring your undying love for something that makes you feel on top of the world. Being around passionate energy is contagious. Bring your passions with you into any room you enter and people will be drawn to you. 

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8. Love Yourself, Babe

Love yourself, babe! I know the self love journey is so hard. Trust me, I ride the self love rollercoaster like it’s my job and the up’s and down’s still make my stomach drop but any progress is progress. If you fall back down on your self love journey just remember that picking yourself back up is progress enough. No matter where you’re at with yourself, know that showing up as your own supporter not only will impress people, but it will set the precedent that you expect to be supported too. People sometimes forget that how we treat ourselves is a direct representation of how we let others treat us. 

9. Be Present

I personally find myself drawn to the people that live so effortlessly in the moment. I’ve never been one of those people, so I guess I admire them. That is a trait that’s so hard to find in people but inspiring. In our generation it’s harder than ever to be present because at any given moment we have a million other worlds at our fingertips. Take a deep breath before you walk into a room and remind yourself to live in the moment because no matter how spectacular or bland the day ends up being, you’ll inevitably look back one day and miss the exact moment you’re living right now. 


10. Remember You Are Light

We are all quite literally balls of light and energy. Everything we do, feel, and breathe is energy radiating from our souls. Remind yourself of that next time you walk into a room. You are light and the world needs to be reminded of that sometimes. You make the room and this world brighter. Most Importantly, you are a light in this world. The world needs to hear what you have to say and what you’re going to do. We all need your light. If you take one thing from this article, let it be that, you are light and you make this world a better place.

You’re a queen, babe! Don’t let all the other chaos in life shake up the balance of you taking care of you. Comment below if you try these steps and let me know how you feel. I can’t wait to watch you shine!