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24 Ways To Save Space In Your Small AF Dorm

Okay, let’s get real here for a second, small dorm is the only size dorm they make. With a small dorm comes the hassle of trying to figure out where to put everything. Here are 24 ways to save space in your small AF dorm!

1.  Limit Your Clothes

The most important tip I can give anyone living in a small dorm is to limit your clothing. Bring only your summer clothes for the summer, only your winter clothes for the winter, etc. No small dorm has ever provided anyone with enough closet space, so your only option is to limit your clothing.

2. Limit Your Cook Wear

Going along with clothing, chances are you won’t even have a kitchen in your small dorm. You have a form of communal kitchen space. So don’t over do it with the cook wear. Talk to your roommate so you aren’t bringing two of everything and then not having a space to store these items.

3. Loft Your Bed

If you have the ability to make your bed into a loft do it! This will allow you to use the space underneath to put your desk and other storage units to hold your things without taking up additional floor space!

4. Cube Storage

Cube storage is one of the best types of storage ever created. They work well as the shelving for desks if you aren’t provided with one and have a lot of storage space.

5. Double Hangers

Trying to make the most of your closet space in your small dorm? Try finding or even making double hangers. This allows you to hang more items vertically without taking up an excess of space in your tiny AF closet in your small AF dorm.

6. Under Bed Bins

If you can’t loft your bed, try finding storage bins or baskets that fit under your bed. These types of bins are perfect for sliding in and out from under your bed and help you to use all the space possible for storage without taking up additional open floor space!

7. Door Storage

With utilizing all the open space possible for storage did you think of your door? There are a variety of different types of storage units that not only hang over your door but are slim enough to open your door up all the way. This type of storage is great for shoes, purses, or even packages of food.

8. Command Hooks

You can never have enough command hooks. This is one of the most universal thing you can keep handy in your small dorm room. They can provide spaces to hang jackets and robes, or even place inside the bathroom cabinet to hang your hair straightener and curling iron. Plus they’re damage free!

9. Corner Unit

The hardest place to store things is the corner of the room, so try a corner storage unit. This are made to fit in the space and provide vertical shelves typically to save space in your small dorm room.

10. Hanging Bedside Organizer

Tired of losing your phone and remote when you’re in your bed? Try using a hanging bedside organizer on your dorm bed. It’ll keep track of all of your important things like headphones and chargers, without need another storage unit on the floor of your small dorm!

11. Collapsable Laundry Basket

We all know there is no washer or dryer inside your small dorm room, but there is in your dorm building. Try using a collapsable laundry basket when you transport your laundry. These are super easy to store in the back of a closet or under a bed, and will take up no additional space in your small dorm.

12. Rolling Vanity Cart

A rolling cart in place of a vanity is a great way to save space in your small dorm. Because it moves, you can put it wherever you have space and move it easily when you need to use it! You could even put a mirror on it so it’s just a rolling vanity!

13. Tension Rod Shower Storage

Another great way to save space in your small dorm, or more importantly small dorm bathroom is to place an additional tension rod inside your shower and hang a variety of baskets on it to hold your soaps!

14. Hanging Closet Cubes

In order to use all the space possible in your small dorm closet, you need to invest in some hanging closet cubes. They’r perfect for storing t-shirts and socks!

15. Shower Ring Bra Storage

No where to store your bras in your small dorm? Try buying some shower rings and placing them on a hanger. Then place your bras on the shower rings. Now you have a DIY bra hanger!

16. Bed Raisers

To make for more storage under your bed in your small dorm, you can always use bed raisers to lift your bed high enough to slide bins or baskets underneath!

See Also

17. Over Toilet Storage Unit

Not enough space in your small dorm bathroom, simply add a storage unit that sit’s over your toilet! These are great for storing excess toilet paper and towels!

18. Over Sink Storage Unit

Another great way to utilize all the space in your small dorm is to place a small shelving unit over your sink. It’s great for holding soap, toothbrushes, and tooth paste!

19. Storage Ottoman

No place to store extra blankets, and you also need something to put your feet up on? Try a storage ottoman. It’s a great space saver for any small dorm!

20. TV Trays

If in your small dorm you don’t have a desk, try a TV tray. They’re perfect for moving around to study and do homework and even better because they can be folded up and put away!

21. Fridge/Microwave Unit

No where to store food by your microwave and mini fridge in your small door? Get a storage unit that’s made to fit both! They typically have extra shelves to store food on!

22. Adjustable Shelves

Not enough shelves in your closet of underneath your sink. These adjustable shelves are perfect to help save space in your small dorm!

23. Accessory Hanger

Just like the bra hanger, they make hangers perfect for storing accessories! Theses are great because no extra storage units are necessary!

24. Narrow Rolling Storage

Have a narrow space, say next to your toilet, and need additional storage? Try a narrow rolling storage unit. These are made specifically to hold bathroom items and take up little space!

Which space saving idea are you dying to try in your dorm? Let us know in the comments down below!

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