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5 Ways to Save Space In A Dorm Room

5 Ways to Save Space In A Dorm Room

As you prepare for college your mind is probably focused on what classes you’ll be taking, or the people you’ll meet, and every other experience that awaits you. Chances are you might not be thinking about just how compact a dorm room can really be. College dorm rooms are more often than not small spaces just enough for the bare necessities of living. Your dorm room will be your living space for an entire school year and hopefully, this list will help save space so you can make the most of what you’ve got!

1. Bed Risers

Bed risers are handy little items that you fit onto the legs of your, you guessed it, bed. They typically add five to eight inches of space underneath, making it the perfect place to stack up extra storage bins or suitcases that you brought with you. They can be bought at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon.

Among the many rules, colleges generally have guidelines for what can and cannot be put on walls including bed risers. For safety reasons some may not want you to attempt adding bed risers on your own, instead, they may have the option available for rent and which will include installation.

2. Command Hooks

Command hooks will always have a use in your dorm room. Easy to apply and remove without having to worry about peeling off any paint or wallpaper. Command hooks can be applied almost anywhere and are great tools for getting more storage space in your room. Use them to hang bags, small shelves or other items such as shoe racks and towels.

Don’t feel pressured to buy trademarked command hooks, any temporary adhesive one will do. Just make sure that it indicates it’s safe to be used on the walls and can be easily removed when you need to take it down. They can be found at most hardware stores and online on sites such as Amazon.

5 Ways to Save Space In A Dorm Room

3. Rolling Shelves

Quick assembly rolling carts are a common sight in college dorm rooms. These handy rolling shelves generally don’t require any tools to assemble and disassemble and can be put together in a snap. Once you have set it up, you instantly add more to your storage space with its multiple layers of shelves. The wheels are a handy feature as it allows you to rearrange and move this piece of storage furniture around whenever you need to.

Rolling shelves come in all sorts of designs and sizes to fit your style and needs. You can find them for as low as $25 so don’t worry about breaking the bank to buy one.

4. Storage Trunks/Ottomans

One of the best functional pieces of furniture you might want to consider buying for your dorm is a multi-use storage trunk. Storage trunks are great for keeping your less used items nicely tucked away. They are sturdy, mobile and customizable, and are versatile as you can easily turn your trunk into a small table or throw a cushion to turn it into a chair.

A storage ottoman, on the other hand, is an actual seat with storage space inside. Remove the top cushion to reveal an empty storage space within.  With this dual functional feature, you can use it as storage and as a chair or stool. There a variety of storage ottomans styles available, so look for one that matches your personality and budget.

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5 Ways to Save Space In A Dorm Room

5. Shared Supply Area

You will most likely have a roommate to share your dorm room space with, and one of the best ways to save space is to set up a shared supply area. Instead of splitting a shelf down the middle you can set up a system that would work for the both of you such as a common area for daily shared items such as Kleenex and communal snacks. Laundry detergent and other supplies can be kept separate within the same area if space has been identified and designated.

The key is that you and your roommate can come to an agreement on how to share the common area to benefit both of you. It is important to establish this early to minimize any misunderstandings in the future.

5 Ways to Save Space In A Dorm Room

Which trick will you try to save space in your dorm? Leave a comment down below!

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