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Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

Save Money, Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

You’re probably wondering if there are any ways to save money while in college. It can be difficult if you are going out every weekend and spending money on your hungover hunger or munchies. My personal worst was a peruse through the aisles at Target. Shopping there became a stress reliever away from school, but all of the little finds added up to a much bigger cost. 

I know it can be difficult, but there are ways to save money in college, keep reading to find out how. 

1. Budgeting Your Funds 

I know, it’s super annoying to budget your funds every week, but when you are more careful with the influx of money versus how much you are spending then you’ll teach yourself how to be money conscious. Take budgeting as a lesson towards spending consciously, that way when you are out on your own and fully graduated adult life won’t seem like such a big jump. 

I know you want that cute top at Target but always ask yourself, do I really love it? and then again ask, is my love for this top worth the price? If it isn’t, then step away! remind yourself of the money you’ll be saving. Sometimes I like to think about what saving that money can go towards, like toothpaste, a new toothbrush or other non-exciting things that I may need within the next two weeks. 

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

2. Be Grateful For The Funds You Already Have 

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering how gratitude can help you save money. It’s truly a state of mind, and if you believe in the magic of karma and manifestation then starting with gratitude for the funds you do have will help you bring in the cash. 

If I haven’t lost you just yet, then every morning try using an affirmation like: “I am abundant in funds” or “I have the funds to pay for all of my essentials.” While you are out shopping, also remind yourself to never complain about the lack of funds you have, say, “I am grateful for the funds I have because I can buy necessities.” By doing this practice of gratitude you will be positively manifesting more money in your life. I’ve used it for several years now and when I first started saying my gratitude and affirmations every morning and night, I was driving down the street at my college and saw a twenty-dollar bill just lying in the middle of the road. I am sorry, but if that doesn’t scream magical money manifestation then I don’t know what does! 

Try it for yourself, see if you bring in the cash money honey! 

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

3. Use Honey or Any Other Money Saving Apps 

I use two amazing money back apps that will get you the coupons to save and a little money back. Ibotta is an app for your phone and they have tons of money back coupons for stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens or if you are a makeup and clothing lover, they have coupons for online stores as well. All you have to do is go on Ibotta and save the coupons for the in-store purchases. When you’ve bought everything, you take a picture of your receipt and the saved coupons will pop up to bring in the money back. If you are an avid user of the apps, raking in twenty dollars will soon be super easy. 

I also use Honey, an app you can download on your computer. Whenever you are online shopping and click the awaited ‘pay for my cart’ button, Honey will pop up with tons of coupons that could save you anywhere from five to ten or twenty dollars. Honey uses some coding to search the web for coupons so you won’t be spending tons on books from Amazon or cute new clothes online.

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

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4. Try To Avoid Eating Out As Much As Possible 

While in college, eating out was easy especially if you have a car on campus. But it can get very costly. don’t even get me started on Uber eats, it is not worth the money! But I stuck to eating out on the weekends and I would buy microwaveable meals at Target when the dining hall was lacking. But every Sunday there was half off sushi, how can you miss out on that deal? There were many times that I had to, don’t give in when your friends are all going out, you can join in but eat beforehand. 

When it comes down to your bank account, you don’t want to be afraid to look at your funds. Save by eating at home or at the dining hall, think of how much healthier it’ll be than eating out. Save eating out for one or two meals a week or on the weekend when you are either hungover or just bored of the food in your fridge and the dining hall. Otherwise, try to save as much as you can! If you find a great deal at a restaurant for dinner or lunch then stick with that.

The more you tell yourself ‘no,’ the better. It is much easier to buy food out, but it is going to be much better when you look in your bank account and don’t have a crazy loss of funds. 

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

5. Cut The Coffee 

Cutting out a ton of coffee every morning and evening when you’re doing work will literally save you tons. You could even buy a coffee machine and that will save you more than you’ll ever know. Not drinking as much coffee will also help your caffeine addiction by a landslide. Try out different options to wake up or stay awake with the English way: Green tea! Green tea will wake you up with a low dose of caffeine and it also revs up your metabolism to keep you energized and moving. You’ll wonder why you ever missed out on tea. 

Ways To Save Money While In College This Year

Saving money is never easy, especially when you are on a college budget. You are at a transition phase in your life, between staying young and adulting hard. But saving doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t have to be a whirlwind at the end of the semester when you realize all that you are lacking. Use some of these tips to save money and you’ll be on a fast track to money heaven. 

Do you have any tips on saving money in college? If you do then let us know! 

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