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Top 10 Ways to Save Money Easily

Top 10 Ways to Save Money Easily

One of the most important parts of life is making sure that you have enough money. It’s never a good sign when your bank account’s empty. You’ll never run into this problem, though, if you learn how to save money. It should come as no surprise that everyone spends money on things they don’t absolutely need. Of course, those things often make people happy, which means that they’re not entirely a waste, but you could probably do without them if you started to run low on funds. You can still spend a little bit of money on unnecessary things if you only learn how to easily save money.

Closely monitor the temperature

One of the easiest, but most frustrating, ways to save money is to constantly go over to the thermostat and raise or lower the temperature depending on the weather. If it’s a hot day, turn the heat up to where it’s semi-uncomfortable in the house, but still livable. Likewise, turn the temperature down when it’s cold. This will save on heating, but decrease your living conditions. Honestly, this should probably only be done after you’ve tried everything else. If you can’t be happy in your own home, then where exactly can you go?



Don’t go out to eat as much

This is a no-brainer. Going out to eat can get a little pricey depending on where, and how often, you go. You can easily save money if you limit yourself to going only once or twice a month, or not at all (although you may not want to go that far). If you like to go out every week or so, you’re throwing your money away. Why go get food somewhere when you can make something for free at home? Do you go because of the experience? That’s probably a big reason but, if true, then only going out to eat a couple times a month should suffice, right?


Cancel the TV subscriptions you don’t use

Increasingly, the modern way of watching TV comes from providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. When you start looking at how to save money, the first thing you should ask yourself is “Do I need to have 5+ subscriptions?” Odds are that you regularly use 3 or so, but what about the other 2? You don’t watch HBO anymore, but you’ve been kinda dragging your feet with cancelling the subscription since you’re holding out hope that some new show will come along and make it worth watching again. This will not happen. 


TV subscriptions

Have a monthly budget for fun things

When you save money you don’t have to completely stop doing anything fun. The reason that you’re a bit low on cash isn’t because you did one or two fun things last month. No, it’s because you did more that 10. It can be hard to stop going out every evening with friends after becoming accustomed to it, but you’ll need to start doing it, or else you’re going to have a tough life. The easiest way to cut your activities down is to come up with a plan to save money. You need to learn how to budget. This will help you later in life, so might as well start now.



Buy cheaper clothes

It’s understandable that you want to wear the best clothes available, but the problem is that they cost so much money. The switch from buying clothes at Macy’s to Walmart should be one of the first thoughts you have when trying to save money. Usually, the only person who will know that your suit or dress isn’t of the highest quality is you. No one else will really care that much, since they have their own problems to deal with. Your relationship with those high-quality clothing stores doesn’t have to end forever, just long enough for you to save a bit.

Buy cheaper clothes

Turn off lights in your house when not using them

This is easily overlooked by a great many people. Seriously, how much can one lightbulb cost? Well, one by itself won’t add so much to the electric bill, but the mentality you just displayed probably leads you to leave many lights on, not just the one. You’ll need to change your attitude, but only slightly, to prevent your bill from reaching ridiculous numbers. The most important thing to do if you’re trying not to have too many lights on is to simply turn them off when you leave the room. If you forget to do this then the bill will certainly make you remember to do it next time.


Turn off the lights

Wait for the price of things to go down

The need to have the newest things the day they come out is a negative aspect of modern day society. Many people are impatient and would rather spend more now to get something rather than save money and get it when it’s a little cheaper. Don’t be a person who spends money on expensive things. Develop some patience while amusing yourself with things you already have or older things that you can buy instead. Also, it’s practically guaranteed that the thing you so desperately want will be replaced by another new thing a month later. 

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Waiting for the price to drop

Stop buying so many snacks

How is it possible to stop buying snacks when they all look so good, you ask. Well, you’ll need to learn a skill that will aid you in years to come: restraint. The temptation to buy those delicious snacks instead of choosing to save money can be so powerful, but you must resist. If it helps at all, the individual designs for all the snacks are made to tempt you. Companies want you to spend your hard earned money on things you don’t need. If this doesn’t convince you, at least buy cheaper or healthier snacks. 



Don’t go to the doctor’s office for little injuries

Whenever something moderately scary happens and you or someone you know gets hurt, your first reaction is to probably take them to the doctor’s office. Before you rush off, examine the injury to make sure it’s actually serious. If it’s a small bruise or cut that can be cured with a band-aid or something similar, then consider skipping the trip to the doctor’s. Frequent trips can become extremely expensive, so it’s wiser to save money and try to treat the injury yourself. For more serious problems, like a sickness or serious accident, you should definitely head to the doctor’s office.

Don't go to the doctor's

Do your own household chores

Starting last year, you were able to hire workers to come and mow your lawn and tidy up your withered flowerbeds. After receiving the most recent bill from them, you’re amazed to see that it costs a lot to have them come out. You cancel their services, of course, in an effort to save money, but now you’ll have to do those chores yourself. There’s a large-ish upfront investment with lawn care (buying a lawnmower), but after you take care of that, you’ll save a lot of money. The only thing you’ll have to worry about then is to force yourself to go outside and do stuff every once in a while.


Do your own chores

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