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5 Ways To Rock Your Studded Belt Outside Of A Festival

5 Ways To Rock Your Studded Belt Outside Of A Festival

Festival season will soon be coming to an end, with nights getting shorter and temperatures soon to drop. The accessories you bought solely for a festival don’t need to hide in the back of your wardrobe until next year, re-wear them to liven up your basic outfits to stunning outfits and wow all your friends with your ready-to-rock style.

Black, brown, pink, yellow, green, we don’t discriminate. The outfit accessory of your dreams will be the talk of the town when you transform your everyday wardrobe and use its maximum style potential. You should always be comfortable with what you wear, but you don’t need to have basic clothes.

A studded belt was a festival must-have this year, these accessories don’t have to look grunge or western, they can suit your style each season. With summer on its way out, there is no need to have wasted money on a onetime outfit, you can wear this belt again and again. Here are five ways you can wear your studded belt when you aren’t raving. 


With a T-shirt dress

The party isn’t over even if the summer is. A simple t-shirt dress is all you need for this look. It’s such a simple everyday essential that most will own, but jazz it up a bit with a statement accessory and you can wear it to any occasion. From a seminar to a night out, this look is so versatile that you can style it accordingly. For a day time look style with trainers and a denim jacket. For a night time look pair with heels and a studded clutch. the bagginess of the dress with the belt drawing it in at your waistline will create the perfect silhouette for all sizes. If you fancy getting experimental, choose a colour which will clash with your belts like a navy blue and a bright pink belt to bring the 80’s back and get playful in the dull autumn-winter months. 

With patterned trousers

The best thing about funky trousers is that you can wear at any time of the year. Pop the studded belt around the waistline of the trousers and pair with a crop top or shirt. This look can be more formal if your trousers are tailored and can look really trendy for a work based event, or you can wear them for every day with a casual t-shirt and trainers, or go that one step further and wear with heels and a bodysuit to create a more dressy outfit. So many options! The key accessory you need is your studded belt. The belt will add a slight grunge touch to an already colourful outfit, so you can rock the more tomboy vibes – which is definitely in this year. 

5 Ways To Wear A Studded Belt Outside Of A Festival With Patterned Trousers


As a bag strap

A little bit of DIY never hurt anybody. This look is for the slightly more adventurous, but anyone can do it! If you have an old bag that needs a little bit of TLC, look no further. Your belt doesn’t need to be just a belt, you can create a hole either end of the belt and clip the belt as a strap along your bag. Even better, if your bag already has clips you can pop it through the buckle and one of the existing holes, so you don’t ruin your accessory. You can get rings that will attach your belt to your bag at any fabric or sewing store. Why should your belt just serve its purpose as a belt? Belts can have more fun. The structure of the belt should be enough to support the weight of a small bag and will be long enough for the bag to sit comfortably. There is an extra satisfaction of being able to answer someone who asks ‘where did you get your bag from?’ with ‘i made it myself.  

With jeans

Although this may seem like an obvious statement, it is amazing how far denim can stretch nowadays. The well-known grunge look would be to add your belt to some acid-washed jeans and docs, but you could style this belt and jeans so many different ways. Ripped jeans and a bodysuit or tight-fitting t-shirt doesn’t have to be typically rock genre, style with some ankle boots and a colourful headband to add some cuteness to your denim-belt combo. You could also style your belt with a cute pair of Mom-fit shorts, with tights underneath if weather permitting, your studded belt and a top of your choice. Always add colour with other accessories fit is too grunge for your personal style or add leather or oversized denim jacket to go full out. We love both looks too much to decide, so you could always have both options on hand. 

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5 Ways To Wear A Studded Belt Outside Of A Festival With Jeans

With a skater dress

Skater dresses will never need to be the go-to 2014 look anymore. Lately, they have been coming back into fashion and your studded belt is the perfect accessory for that. By putting a belt around your waist, it will accentuate your female curves and will give you a silhouette to die for. The studs on the belt will dress down a girly outfit and also give you some leverage to wear boots or trainers with the dress if it would have normally been too dressy. You can also add matching earrings and bracelets to this look if you feel you would like to dress it up further. Or you can add some funky tights if the weather isn’t on your side and you feel the outfit is too plain. 

These are just five of the benefits that your studded belt can bring to your wardrobe, there is no need to shove it to the back of your wardrobe until festi season arrives again next year. A student needs every help they can get when it comes to recycling clothes you thought you could only wear once, and it is a lot less hassle than selling it. What more do you need than to put your belt to good use, satisfying, right?


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