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15 Ways To Rock The Double Bun Hairstyle

15 Ways To Rock The Double Bun Hairstyle

The double bun hairstyle is the coolest way to rock some fun summer time hair. The double bun hair is a trendy fashion statement. This guide will show you how to create some funky double buns for your hair.

Who doesn’t love buns? Buns are a good way to style your hair—do you know what’s even better than buns? Double buns! The double bun hairstyle is a cute way to style your hair and dress it up. There are different ways to style this trendy do to get you ready for your next music festival.

1. Braided Double Buns

This hairstyle is for anyone who loves buns and braids. You can braid your hair in the back before you put your hair in double buns. This gives you a boho and cute look. Your hair will look great from the front and the back.

2. Half Up Half Down Buns

For anyone who loves buns and having their hair down, this is for you. You can style two small double buns and leave the rest of your hair down. To make your double bun hairstyle look even cuter, you can curl your hair or give it beach waves.


3. Basic Double Buns

This is for the girls who just want their double buns and want to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t want half your hair down or braids in it? The simpler, the better right? Then, this double bun hairstyle is for you!


4. Slight Pigtail Double Buns

If you like having some of your hair down, this is for you. It’s basically a double bun but you let the strands of your hair show. This is great for anyone who wants cute little pigtails at the back of their head. It’s adorable and a great way to style your hair.


5. Half Up & Half Down Curly Buns

Attention all curly haired girls! YES, you can still have double buns with curly hair. This is a great way to style your hair and maintain your cute curls. It’s easy and simple but the curly locks will also make your hair look dressed up.

6. Double Buns With Bangs

Are there people who are obsessed with bangs? If so, then this double bun hairstyle is for you. You can basically tie your hair into two double buns and leave your bangs out for a cute look. You can also give yourself faux bangs too for anyone who wants their double buns to look even better.

7. Braided Double Buns

This is similar to the first double bun but instead of braids in your buns, this hairstyle just has two simple braids in the back. There are no braids in the actual space bun, so this is another great hairstyle for you all to copy and try!


8. Half Down, Half Up, And Braided Double Buns

For this hairstyle, you will have most of your hair down. As for the braids, this is the best part. Your braids will be at the front of your head in a diagonal line leading up to your double buns. This is such a trendy look for anyone who wants to try a bohemian hairstyle.

9. Lower Double Buns

Most people have their double buns all the way at the top of their heads. For anyone that wants more of a lowkey double bun, this is the hairstyle for you. It’s almost like pigtails but with buns because you tie them at the back of your head instead of the top.

10. Hair Chain Double Bun

This may be a little more advanced but it’s pretty much a half down, half up look with a hair chain. This is a great bohemian hairstyle for anyone who is willing to try this. It’s stylish which makes it perfect for festivals and the summer!

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11. Fishtail Double Bun

This double bun hairstyle is for anyone obsessed with fishtail braids. Basically, you’ll have your fishtail braids at the top of your head leading into a double bun. Your double buns will be at the bottom of the back of your head.

12. Fishtail Half Down, Half Up Double Buns

This is similar to the hairstyle above. However, with this hairstyle, your fishtail braids are at the front and top of your head that leads into double buns in the top, instead of the back. Also, you’ll have half of your hair down as well. This double bun hairstyle is perfect for you to rock!


13. Twisted Double Buns

For this simple but cute hairstyle, you’ll twist strands of your hair before tying it into a double bun. This will give you the twisted double buns hairstyle. The top of your hair will contain twisted strands of hair leading to buns.

14. Loose Braided Double Buns

This is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with loose and large braids. You’ll have dramatic braids at the back of your head that will lead to double buns. These double buns will be small and at the back of the bottom of your head, but it’s still a cute look that you can easily try and follow.

15. Straight half down, half up look

This is similar to the first couple hairstyles but instead of wavy hair, the bottom half of your hair will be sleek. Then, you’ll have two cute buns at the top of your head for a cute hairstyle.


These double hair bun styles are perfect for festivals or just to wear in the spring/summer. They make such a great statement and they’re so cute to do. Some styles will take longer than others but in general, your hair will be the focal point and everyone will be jealous of how trendy your hair will look!

Would you rock a double bun hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!

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